25 Years Of PlayStation Video Uses Footage From A Persona 2 Fan Translation

The original PlayStation is now twenty-five years old and Sony is taking the time to celebrate all of the classic games that appeared on the system, including ones that have been translated by fans, as footage of a fan translation of Persona 2: Innocent Sin has been used in an official Sony promotional video.

Persona 2 was split into two different games that were both released for the original PlayStation, with the first one called Persona 2: Innocent Sin and the second one called Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. The PlayStation version of Persona 2: Innocent Sin was never localized into English, as there were concerns over content that depicted Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, but Persona 2: Eternal Punishment did receive an international release. Persona 2: Innocent Sin received an English fan translation in 2008 and it would be remastered for the PlayStation Portable and localized in 2011.

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The PlayStation Access YouTube channel is the official channel for PlayStation UK. The latest video released on the channel shows a second of footage from various PlayStation games that defined their generation. The video shows footage of the fan translation of the original PlayStation version of Persona 2: Innocent Sin, as it was never released in English.

It’s likely that whoever edited the video simply took the footage from the wrong Persona 2 game without checking that it was the correct version. The video editor had to come up with a second of footage from enough games to come up with five minutes of material, so maybe checking the details of the Persona 2 game they were recording was low on the list of priorities.

The first three games in the Persona series have been treated as distant relations by the creators of the franchise, as Persona 3 defined the new formula of the series that helped win it its fanbase. Persona and the Persona 2 duology have their own fans and are still worth checking out by people who loved the later games, so long as they go in expecting something more akin to the Shin Megami Tensei series than the other Persona games.

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