7 Hidden Areas In Dead Space Everyone Completely Missed

Isaac's journey into the heart of a literal bloodbath is layered with juicy lore, blood-curdling horrors, and best of all, hidden secrets. In Dead Space, the UGS Ishimura isn't just a planet-cracking vessel. It's a taste of a potentially hellish world should the radicalized Unitologists win the day.

Isaac's story is mostly a linear affair. Though, the development team behind the remake reworked the Ishimura into a seamless, interconnected ship that allows plenty of opportunities for backtracking across all of the ship's decks for exploration. Between completing side quests and hunting down Easter eggs and weapons upgrades, there are plenty of reasons to look high and low for the most hidden areas aboard the Ishimura.

7 Ritual Break Room

At this stage, everyone knows about this room. It's easily missed as it's located below the Atrium and is a solitary door off to the side that your mission parameters will never lead you into. But it's become a rather popular addition to the game thanks to its creepy ritual circle with a video image of a Marker.

Codes that are a combination of stomps and melee swings can be found throughout the ship. If players enact them here within the circle, they can unlock secrets like spare nodes, a mysterious text, or a strange pirate shanty.

6 Diagnostics Lab

If you're adamant about completing the side quest Premeditated Malpractice, then you'll likely find this location at the tale end of that creepy investigation. Dr. Mercer is anything but a champion for humanity despite his claims to the contrary. He wants all of humanity to undergo a transformation into the horrifying Necromorphs that scurry aboard the Ishimura.

Learning about his ultimate mission will lead you to a particular room in Hydroponics that is initially inaccessible on your original visit following the critical path. On the second floor of Hydroponics is a door that takes you to Hydroponics Control. This room will be filled with poisonous air, as well as bloated Necromorph. An additional door will lead to the Diagnostics Lab where you'll find materials and an audio log.

5 Kyne's Secret Room

Dr. Kyne is a Unitologist who, despite his erraticism in killing the ship's captain, understands that the Marker is actually bad for human health. His killing of the captain was a desperate move considering the captain was radicalized and not taking the crew's safety into consideration when bringing the Marker aboard.

On the lowest level of the Mining Deck, you'll head to Secure Storage where you will find a circuit breaker that can unlock two rooms separately. In one of the rooms, you'll find a couple of audio logs from Nicole as she assisted Dr. Kyne in secretly studying the Marker effects. All around the room will be writing on the walls concerning Kyne's deceased spouse, Amelia.

4 Munitions Team Locker Room

During the story, the USM Valor crashes into the Ishimura after the ship attempts to answer a distress call but is assaulted by Chen as a Necromorph when they pick up his ejected pod. As you board the ship, you'll find Necromorphs that have recently mutated from the soldiers aboard the ship.

At one point, Isaac will find a hallway with one end blocked by bags. Isaac can use kinesis to remove the bags to unveil a door to the Munitions Team Locker Room. This hidden room contains loot that you'll surely want to pick up.

3 Hidden Nook In Cargo Bay

The famous Peng treasure is located in a nicely hidden location within the Cargo Bay. If you're moving too quickly, there's no doubt you'll miss it. On the Hangar Deck, you will head into the Cargo Bay where you will descend on an elevator. Immediately to your left, you will see a small alcove with shelves and big containers that can be moved with kinesis.

You'll see a sign on the wall that says "I want more Peng." To the left of that sign are two lockers with a corpse leaning against one of them. Open that locker to find the Peng Treasure inside. Selling it will net you 30,000 credits.

2 Secret Room In Dr. Kyne's Office

Early in the game, you will find yourself on the Medical Deck. From the Main Lab, you'll find Dr. Kyne's office. Once inside, you'll notice there is a bookshelf on the left side of the room. You can use kinesis to move this shelf to the side and unveil a hidden room.

When you inspect the room, you'll see that Dr. Kyne has clearly been affected by the Marker. He's written on the walls in alien text. If you're playing the game on New Game Plus, you'll find a Marker fragment sitting on the corner of his desk.

1 Tool Storage

On the Mining Deck, there is a room that requires a Master Override in order to access it. That will require an entirely different side quest where you must collect rigs from crew members around the ship. However, this door is concealed by containers that are moveable with kinesis.

When entering Mining Operations, head down the corridor as it veers right. In this room, you'll see the containers with the highlighted blue icon on them indicating they can be moved with kinesis. When you do, you'll find the door to Tool Storage on the right. Once accessible, the storage unit contains loot as well as an upgrade for the Contact Beam.

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