7 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Sniper Elite 5

Online games have become a profitable market for the industry, with new releases launching every year and old ones still being updated. These games occasionally feature campaigns, though these modes don't garner anywhere near as much attention as the online side. Because of this, a lot of really cool additions can be missed in games, as some players simply aren't playing through the stories anymore.

In this case, many features are present through Sniper Elite 5, with references to other mediums, gameplay advancements, and hidden collectibles you may have missed. These elements do wonders in strengthening the soul of the game.

7 Invasion Mode Is A Great Way To Explore Maps Freely

It isn't the easiest to explore the map with enemy gunfire coming in from every angle. Even replaying missions on the easiest mode to search for collectibles is a bit of a slog since you'll still need to deal with being attacked. However, one way to freely walk around these maps is to invade a fellow player's game.

While invading someone's match, you won't need to worry about enemies keying in on you or how to make the ideal 'silent approach' since that's the other player's role.

6 Stealth Isn't Always The Best Plan

We've heard it all before about being extra cautious going into enemy territory and how stealth is the key to getting you through. Although something that might surprise you is that much of the time, it's just easier to get in quick, take out the enemies, and get out without being stealthy in any way. With the sniper as the main allure, it can be tempting to be stealthy at every turn, but this often backfires, making it challenging to survive.

Regardless of the various silenced weapons at your disposal, it's sometimes safer to stomp out the opposition fast and loud before they can get the drop on you.

5 Hitman's Influence On Environmental Kills

Compared to other entries in the series, the fifth installment allows you to get more creative with environmental kills. These kills can be related to the ones available in the most recent Hitman trilogy and the goofiness of those game's takedowns. Most notably, the Hitman inspiration can be seen in the Target Führer DLC, where Karl is conscripted to assassinate Hitler — except the catch is to do so as uniquely as possible.

These environmental kills don't appear much throughout the campaign or even the multiplayer modes, but the striking similarity to the Hitman franchise is evident.

4 The Frustration Of Locating Stone Eagles

Let's talk about how frustrating these stone eagles are to find. They're always in the most annoying and obscured places on the map, hidden atop buildings — a lot only being visible through the scope of a rifle. In fact, if your first foray into the Sniper Elite series is the fifth game, you won't know about these collectibles at all, which is why so many people miss them.

Searching for them is annoying, but there’s an underlying sense of satisfaction awaiting at the end — so perhaps give it a try!

3 Advancement Of The X-Ray Kill Cam

The kill cam has come a long way since the days of the first Sniper Elite entry. What once was a feature only available to snipers has expanded to other weapons such as the SMG. Bullets will also move through enemy bodies more realistically than ever, reacting to limbs and bones — occasionally ricocheting off them. This advanced version of the x-ray kill cam encourages players to try out more weapons and not solely stick with the sniper.

Veteran players may notice these improved details, but those who are new won’t know how far the game’s mechanics have come.

2 Pacifist Routes Rewards Additional XP

If you've played Sniper Elite 5, chances are you didn't think twice about playing pacifist. The series has never been one to give the option of non-lethal takedowns, so it's weird the developer team introduced it here. These safer takedowns also significantly increase the time it takes to incapacitate an enemy, often making it more trouble than worthy.

Following the pacifist route does, however, reward you for your restraint with additional XP upon mission completion. It isn't much XP compared to killing the opposition, but it's still an existing factor.

1 Die Hard Easter Egg

During the first mission, Karl recites a line from Die Hard wherein John McClane shoots the villains during the showdown, ending the scene by saying, "Happy trails Hans." Karl will say this exact line after taking down a Nazi. The reference happens within the first ten minutes, and whether it's been a while since watching the film or you're one of the few still yet to watch this iconic piece of history, the moment may go over your head. At least on the first playthrough.

If you want to witness this easter egg for yourself, replay the opening mission of the game up till the moment where you're introduced to how to take out an enemy from below. Alternatively, search for this scene on YouTube. Either way, happy trails, Hans.

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