7 Things Midnight Suns Does Better Than The MCU

Marvel's Midnight Suns draws inspiration from both the Marvel comics and cinematic universe to create its world. Through the eyes of the Hunter, we can explore this world to fight against Lilith, the Mother of Demons, banding together with our favorite Marvel superheroes to save it.

As the game and movies are both based on the same source material, there are bound to be similarities, but which one does Marvel better? Below, we'll take a look at several things that Marvel's Midnight Suns does just a bit better than the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Light spoilers ahead if you're not caught up on everything Marvel!

7/7 Iconic Costumes

Midnight Suns' approach to its cast's costumes draws most of its inspiration from the comics. Where the MCU attempts to modernize the heroes' outfits for a more realistic look, Midnight Suns embraces the high contrast colors and wacky fun that makes these characters so recognizable.

Wanda has her W-shaped faceplate, Wolverine has his classic hair/ear thingies, and Captain America has his full America-flavored get-up. These costumes made the characters the icons that we know today, and Midnight Suns leans all the way in to celebrate their origins.

6/7 Iron Man And Doctor Strange's Relationship

In the MCU, two of the Marvel universe's smartest characters, Tony Stark and Stephen Strange, meet for the first time just before the coming of Thanos. Their strained relationship continues throughout the movie, as the two arrogant characters let their egos get in the way of working together. However, by the end of the movie, Doctor Strange is snapped by the Infinity Gauntlet, and the two never meet again.

Midnight Suns expands on this relationship, forcing the two into the Abbey's Forge, where they begrudgingly work together to expand the Abbey's operations, make new outfits for the Hunter, and research new projects. Midnight Suns takes the discord between these two characters from the movies and transforms it into an almost brotherly relationship between characters that annoy but respect one another.

5/7 Magic And Mysticism

Overall, Marvel's Midnight Suns more closely embraces the magic and mysticism elements of the Marvel universe. When it comes to magic elements, Midnight Suns has almost everything you could want, from Doctor Strange, Wanda, and Agatha to the Darkhold, demons and Elder Gods.

Where the MCU only briefly scratches the surface of magic in its universe through Doctor Strange's movies, Midnight Suns dives headfirst into these concepts, telling a story about the corruption of magic and the people who use it.

4/7 The X-Men And Mutants

Currently, the Mutants have no seat at the MCU table, with only Kamala Khan being teased to be a Mutant at the end of her show. In the comics, however, Mutants are a massive part of the universe, introducing iconic characters like the X-Men and X-Force, and are involved in most large-scale events.

Simply including Mutantkind in Midnight Suns gives the game a point in its favor over the MCU, at least until we can see these iconic characters and teams on the big screen.

3/7 Interconnected World

Outside of the comics, the Marvel universe has never felt more connected than it does in Midnight Suns. As you learn about the heroes that come to the Abbey, they will make references to other characters and events that happen outside the game, bringing a sense of a much larger world that we are only a small part of.

Various lore books around the library and the rest of the Abbey featuring characters like Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four hint that the world of Midnight Suns is much larger than what we experience, with references to characters and events from the movies and comics alike. Yuri Lowenthal (Spider-Man) and Lyrica Okano (Nico Minoru) are also putting in a lot of work here to provide continuity between other Marvel media, making the world feel more whole.

2/7 Villian Build-Up

At the beginning of the game, we are introduced to its main villain — Hunter's mother, Lilith. Throughout the game, Lilith is an ever-present force that influences the Midnight Sun's decisions, trying to stop them at every turn with her army of demons. As the Avengers and Midnight Suns meet and team up to fight Lilith's forces, the extent of her power is realized.

Lilith's build-up only has one MCU comparison with Thanos, but we think Midnight Suns does it better. Through the first two phases of the MCU, we see hints and references to the Infinity Stones, letting us know that a showdown with Thanos is inevitable. However, his true power isn't actually seen until his first true appearance in Infinity War. Midnight Suns builds the threat of Lillith over a longer time, showing us just how strong she actually is, and how much we have to overcome to defeat her.

1/7 The Hunter

The Hunter is one of the best parts of Marvel's Midnight Suns, because it doesn't have an equivalent in the MCU. Through the Hunter, which the player can completely customize to their liking, we get to experience our favorite superheroes on an extremely personal level, unlike anything that can be accomplished in a movie.

Taking a dip in the pool with Magik, exploring the Abbey with Spider-Man, and having a drink with Wolverine are just a few of the ways you can closer connect to these characters. The Hunter allows the player to see these characters in a new light, as not just superheroes, but as humans.

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