7 Things That Make No Sense In Ghostwire: Tokyo

There is a lot to see and do in the enormous open-world horror title, Ghostwire: Tokyo. From meaningful side quests that’ll give you the chills or giggles, to a slew of genuinely terrifying bosses to vanquish – the tall scary lady was more than enough, we didn’t need the freaky spider thing too – the majority of Ghostwire: Tokyo’s content is superb.

However, like with most games, there are a handful of things in this gloriously weird game that just don’t make any sense – no, we’re not talking about the cat that sells you dog food. From dogs digging through concrete to enemies being unable to see through windows, these fun little wrinkles in Ghostwire: Tokyo’s design are truly bizarre.

7 Dogs Digging For Coins

One of the many things you can do in Ghostwire: Tokyo’s open-world is pet some very adorable dogs. By listening to their thoughts – which are unsurprisingly all about food – you can net yourself a handful of coins. How, you ask? Well, the dogs are so grateful for the food you give them that they’ll go find you a spot on the ground, dig it up and make magic coins appear. Yeah, it’s weird.

But, that isn’t the weirdest part. In fact, the weirdest part isn’t even that all of the dogs are Shiba Inus – although that is strange now that I think about it. What is bizarre is the fact that the dogs can dig through any surface. Regardless of whether it's dirt or concrete, the dogs in Ghostwire: Tokyo will happily tear through anything with their superhuman – wait, would it be superdog? – claws.

6 Ed's Phone Recordings

Ed is one of the many characters you’ll “encounter” during your time in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Well, we say encounter, but really you’ll mostly hear him over the phone or in recordings. You see, Ed is a bit of a shy guy, and prefers speaking at a very far distance. In fact, he prefers to not speak to you at all, instead choosing to leave you prerecorded messages to listen to. What’s odd is how accurate they are to your situation.

Ed somehow always knows what to say to you, despite not knowing who you are or what you’ve actually managed to accomplish up until this point. Sure, it may just be guesswork or hopeful intuition, but it still boggles the mind when you hear him essentially predict the future. These recordings are actually a lot of fun and add a lot of personality to both Ed and his relationship with KK. It’s just a little weird how perfectly timed they are.

5 Visitors Can't See Through Windows

The Visitors in Ghostwire: Tokyo are absolutely freaky. From the slenderest of men and tall women with very pointy scissors, to some of the most genuinely terrifying bosses in a horror game, you’ll encounter all kinds of monstrous spirits while out and about in Tokyo.

The first time you spot these relentless creatures you’ll panic, duck behind the nearest wall and hope for the best. But then, as your heart is racing, you realise the wall is made of glass, and the Visitor is looking straight at you. It’s all over, they know where you are, and you’re toast. Or maybe not, as they turn their back and begin to walk away. It is then that you realise their greatest weakness. For some reason, Visitors can’t see through glass. Who’d have thought?

4 Visitors Like Standing With Their Backs Turned

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I'm unsure that the inability to see through transparent surfaces is the Visitors’ greatest weakness. You see, as you sneak around the dilapidated underground subways and haunted hospitals you’ll notice that a lot of the Visitors have a penchant for standing perfectly still with their backs turned.

This is, of course, extremely helpful as one of the core stealth mechanics is to quick purge an enemy from behind – essentially rip their very essence out without needing to fight them first. Now obviously we’re aware that this is a very well established feature in video games. Enemies tend to find random objects particularly interesting for the express purpose of being backstabbed by the player. It is just especially odd to see horrifying spirits that want nothing more than to rip you apart eyeing up a candy bar in a vending machine like a child.

3 Quick Purging Is So Loud

While we’re on the topic of quick purging, has anyone else noticed just how loud it is? You reach your hand through the Visitor’s back, wrench out their core causing an extremely loud and escalating whirring sound, listen while the Visitor screams in agony, before finally ripping it out and making your foe dissipate. It’s an incredibly noisy ordeal, which is especially funny as it’s supposedly a stealth move.

What makes it even more ridiculous is how none of the other Visitors around you will hear it. You could literally perform a quick purge against any Visitor right next to another, and, so long as they have their back turned, they’ll pretend like nothing bad is happening. Oh boy, if only they knew what was coming. With an ability this overpowered, it’s no surprise that you’ll be quick purging for days.

2 Is Akito A Vampire?

As far as we’re aware, despite being a supernatural game, vampires are not part of the Ghostwire: Tokyo mythos. You’ve got the long-tongued spirit that possesses umbrellas, a freaky giant spider that still haunts our nightmares, the ball of leaves that lives in trees, but the game draws the line at vampires.

Well, as it turns out apparently they are, as the game’s central protagonist, Akito doesn't have a reflection. Cue The X-Files theme. Now, could it be that due to technical limitations and budget constraints that the developers didn’t want to put in reflections? No, absolutely not. Akito is 100% confirmed to be a vampire, without question. As we all know, vampires love petting dogs, fighting evil spirits and eating Kibi Dango. The facts are all there, you’re just not seeing them. Or perhaps I'm overthinking this a bit.

1 How Are There So Many Shopping Bags?

You know that enormous collection of shopping bags that lives in your cupboard, but you keep forgetting exists so you have to buy more when you’re at the shop? Well, apparently the developers of Ghostwire: Tokyo stole it and put it in their game as there are literally thousands of shopping bags all over the place.

Picking these up is a great way of collecting the various health-restoring goodies and a solid beginners tip for those looking to make their experience a little easier. But that doesn’t excuse just how bizarre it is that there are so many shopping bags full of food just lying around. We’re not even just talking about those on the street. What about the shopping bags found in the underground ruins of an abandoned subway tunnel? Oh, that’s where you normally do your shopping? Sure, that definitely makes sense.

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