80 Level RFP helps connect companies with digital artists

80 Level, a company focused on innovations in digital art and video game development, has unveiled a new service dubbed 80 Level
RFP, which connects companies, studios, and agencies with high-end digital artists.

The Los Angeles-based company said it wants to connect the crème de la crème of artistic talent, with a few clicks of the mouse.

80 Level RFP is a new recruiting platform that gives creative teams access to a continuously growing pool of employment-ready artists, animators, designers and other industry professionals worldwide. Designed to streamline the typically arduous hiring process, 80 Level RFP curates the talent and invites qualified candidates to join the database, which currently features hundreds of seasoned professionals, with more added every day.

For a subscription fee, recruiters can search the database of artists and easily submit RFPs to desired candidates.

Above: 80 Level RFP matches artists with those who need them.

“Companies are always on the hunt for the best creative talent for their next big ad, trailer, movie, game … anything, but there weren’t any services to cater to these needs,” said Kirill Tokarev, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of 80 Level, in a statement. “So to help the community fill this gap, we developed 80 Level RFP to ease the challenges of finding and hiring rock star artists for any company that wants AAA staffing.”

Artists are invited to apply and have their profiles featured for free in the 80 Level RFP database. Recruiters can access the service to preview work samples, request pertinent hiring information and explore in-depth portfolios via the RFP, for their select candidates — for a
subscription fee of $999 a month or $9,990 annually.

The templated RFP questionnaire that recruiters can send to desired candidates is what streamlines the hiring process. They can also customize the questionnaire if there are any specific project-related questions that need to be answered to see if an artist, designer, programmer, etc. is the right fit.

80 Level features interviews, case studies, breakdowns from top industry specialists, working with the likes of EA DICE, Blizzard, King, Ubisoft, Monolith, Autodesk, Bethesda Softworks, and Epic Games.

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