A Plague Tale: Requiem Launches October 18

Today’s extended gameplay showcase also confirmed A Plague Tale: Requiem’s launch date. A Plague Tale: Requiem arrives on October 18 for current-gen consoles and PC via Steam.

Those concerned that A Plague Tale: Requiem would turn away from Innocence's intense stealth gameplay will be happy to note that today’s extended gameplay trailer revealed stealth is still the core of A Plague Tale. Hugo’s budding rat-based powers have given him a sort of rat sonar, allowing him to perceive the presence of humans without needing to see them. This effectively lets Hugo see through walls–a useful ability while on the run.

Amicia, meanwhile, has learned new martial skills. Her original armament of alchemical tools has been augmented with a crossbow, and when pressed, Amicia can now simply stab or beat an enemy to death with a close-range takedown.

However, it’s clear that stealth is still encouraged. There are lots of soldiers hunting Amicia and Hugo–too many for either of them to take down on their own. Only by working together can they escape traps and find their way to a mysterious island that might offer them refuge.

Crouching, crawling, and staying behind cover are the surest ways for Amicia and Hugo to remain safe. For soldiers that simply refuse to get out of their way, Amicia can resort to her crossbow, but her target’s death scream will draw attention from nearby soldiers. Amicia’s sling or a handy pot can burn or blind soldiers so long as she has the alchemical ingredients to construct her improvised bomb.

Hugo’s powers are far more impressive. Near the end of the trailer, Hugo is able to summon a wave of rats to devour the soldiers, although it looks like this power takes its toll. Hugo seems to suffer a seizure if he uses this power for too long, leaving Amicia alone to save them both.

Pre-orders are available now from Focus Entertainment's site, with A Plague Tale: Requiem coming in both Standard and Collector's editions for those who want a few extra goodies. The game arrives on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on October 18.

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