Addicting Games Unveils Its Own Game Pass Subscription

Addicting Games, a name which should bring back feelings of nostalgia in people who used to spend time with browser games from as far back as twenty years ago, has launched their own subscription service with their own Game Pass.

Unlike the major players like Microsoft that offer a large collection of AAA titles, Addicting Games has spent the last year working heavily towards the creation of an upgraded games portal, and the majority of their games are both mobile friendly and converted to HTML5. Compared to Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade, the cost to sign up is only about half the price at about $2.49 a month when purchased as a yearly subscription.

While there are many subscription-based services for video games, this is the first we have seen for web or browser-based games. Similar in concept to both what Google and Apple offer, buying into the subscription eliminates any ads that would otherwise appear during gameplay for non-subscription users.

We hope that Addicting Games finds success with its new subscription model, particularly since the market for similar pricing plans is quickly becoming saturated. Only recently, GameClub expanded its own service to Android devices at a price point of 4.99 per month, featuring their own collection of speciality games

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