Aegislash Is Coming To Pokemon Unite According To Datamine

There are so many active Pokemon games right now that it can be hard to keep up with everything going on. Pokemon Go remains stronger than ever, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are only two months old, and before you know it Legends: Arceus will be here. Not to mention Pokemon Unite which had Trevenant added to its growing roster this week.

It appears the addition of Trevenant has inadvertently revealed which Pokemon will be following it into the MOBA next. At least to those with the ability to datamine Unite's files. ChicoEevee is one of those with that ability, and their most recent delve into Unite's files revealed the next Pokemon coming to Unite will be Aegislash. Despite being a Pokemon made up of a sword and a shield, it was introduced to fans as a part of gen six, before Sword & Shield launched.

As for what Unite fans can expect from Aegislash, you can actually take a sneak peek at its combat and gameplay in the video below. Aegislash will be a fast-moving all-rounder, using moves like King's Shield and Sacred Sword. Since it is the final form in a three-stage evolutionary path, it will also introduce Honedge and Doublade to the game.

As for when you can expect Aegislash to make its Unite debut, ChicoEevee doesn't have exact dates. It's also a little difficult to predict as the arrival of new Pokemon has been somewhat arbitrary up until now in Unite. There have certainly been more added to the playable roster than many would have expected just six months in. Judging by other discoveries in the datamine, Aegislash will arrive along with Unite's next battle pass which will be western-themed.

Speaking of Unite's next theme, Zeraora will be getting sheriff holowear as part of the new battle pass. Charizard will be getting samurai holowear. Not be in keeping with the western theme but it still looks incredibly cool. Here's hoping it will be an item you can unlock and not one that is going to set you back $40.

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