Age of Calamity: All Lanayru Wetlands Korok Seed Locations

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is a large game – bigger than even many fans were anticipating and (yet again) messing with the Legend of Zelda timeline. Why worry about that, though, when you can run around collecting Korok seeds?

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There are a few to earn in every story mission, so keep your eyes peeled. No need to worry if you miss a few, though – we've got you covered. This guide will walk you through earning every Korok Seed in the Lanayru Wetlands during the "Water and Fire" story quest.

Hot Spring Korok Seed

When this quest starts, you'll paraglide down into the southwest corner and be faced with a horde of enemies. Instead of facing them, turn around and follow the path away. You'll come across a small hot spring and, on the other side, there will be the Korok balloon to pop. It's a fast little thing, so use your stasis to keep it in one place.

Crate Korok Seed

The second Korok Seed in this mission is also right at the beginning. Leave the hot spring and return to your other hero and the Zora Captain.

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You'll be faced with an Ice Wizzrobe at the intersection of the main path and a dead-end trail going south. Head down that trail: there are several crates and a chest at the end. Bust open the crates to free your Korok buddy.

Southern Outpost Korok Seed

Push forward towards the quest objective. Eventually, you'll be paused and the camera will pan over a landscape shot of the malice swamp. Zelda and Impa discuss how to get rid of it.

Once you gain control over your hero again, the new quest objectives will lead you north. Instead of heading for them, turn around and head down the straight southern path directly behind you. At the end of it, there's an enemy outpost in a tree and just behind that, you'll spy the Korok flower.

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