Alan Wake 2 Is Remedy’s Biggest Game Yet

Remedy Entertainment creative director Sam Lake has confirmed that Alan Wake 2 is the studio's biggest project to date, calling it a "complex undertaking".

Even though we've only seen one trailer for it so far, Alan Wake 2 is still slated for release at some point in 2023. Details on the game are pretty slim on the ground so far, but Remedy has recently confirmed that it's going to be the studio's biggest game so far.

During an interview with GamesRadar+, Remedy creative director Sam Lake talks about Alan Wake 2's long development history and how he kept "the dream" of an Alan Wake sequel alive for so long. Lake also explains that Alan Wake 2 is Remedy's biggest game so far, calling it a "complex undertaking".

Lake said, "You keep the dream alive when you keep actively dreaming it, and make a constant effort to keep it fresh and exciting. If anything, through these years, the dream of Alan Wake 2 has grown more ambitious and more unique. A game project like this is a very complex undertaking – it's our biggest project yet – and a lot of different things need to come together. Not only the concept itself, but the timing and the right partners as well."

It doesn't come as too much of a surprise that Alan Wake 2 is Remedy's biggest game yet, as it's one that the studio has been interested in making for more than a decade. Remedy previously pitched Alan Wake 2 back in 2010, creating a concept demo that showed how much darker Remedy was aiming to make the sequel. The pitch was rejected at the time, but it's possible that some of the ideas, including Alan rewriting elements of the world, will be used for the upcoming sequel.

As for what this version of Alan Wake 2 will be like, Remedy has made it clear on several occasions that its main focus will be on survival horror, with game director Kyle Rowley saying in the same interview that the Remedy "very much want to put a stake in the ground and say we are creating Remedy’s take on the survival horror genre".

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