Amazon Leak Reveals More Returning Characters For MTG’s March Of The Machine

Packaging for Magic: The Gathering’s second premier set of 2023 has been revealed on Amazon, confirming a number of characters joining the fight against the Phyrexian invasion.

The set, launching Q2 2023, caps off the current story arc with a large-scale war across the Magic Multiverse. Art for the set has already confirmed characters from different planes – who would normally be unable to meet due to not being ‘Planeswalkers' – will fight side-by-side, possibly as the walls between realities collapse.

Revealed on Amazon, the bundle box for March of the Machine shows Teferi and Elesh Norn – two characters who have played a big role in the recent story. However, joining them are Quintorus, a character we last saw in 2021’s Strixhaven: School of Mages, and the popular Innistrad character Thalia.

Quintorus is a student at the Strixhaven school, where he studies archaeology in the Lorehold college. Meanwhile, Thalia is a famous name in Innistrad history, serving in the order of Saint Traft and playing major roles in all three of our trips to the setting.

Earlier art for the set showcased the Planeswalker Chandra fighting alongside Quintorus’ fellow Strixhaven student Dina, Kaldheim’s Esika (who is likely to play a significant part, as it was Kaldheim’s World Tree that served as the foundation of the Phyrexian invasion weapon, the Realm Breaker), Ravnica’s Borborygmos, and Kaladesh’s Barral.

Combine it with the background art that shows planes like Theros, Kamigawa, and Zendikar, and it appears as if March of the Machine will be a real multiversal bust-up, much bigger in scale than our last story arc finale, the Ravnica-bound War of the Spark.

March of the Machine, and its follow-up set March of the Machine: Aftermath, are still a few months away, and this will likely be our only big look at it until after the launch of Phyrexia: All Will Be One in February.

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