Amnesia: Rebirth – Cage Puzzle Solution

You’ll be tossed across many different locations as you progress through the dark and murky world of Amnesia: Rebirth, all of them with their own unique threats to your character’s mind and body. Just like the original title, this game also sets its sights on your sanity by subjecting you to cryptic puzzles that test your problem solving abilities in unique, but often obtuse, ways. One of these mind bending puzzles is the cage puzzle you come across partway through the game. If you’re held up on how to utilize those odd glowing pyramids to solve this logic knot, give our guide a look.

Cage Puzzle Solution In Amnesia: Rebirth

As soon as the level begins you’ll be placed in a room with a glowing triangle device on the floor to the right. Pick it up and carry it with you straight ahead, but leave it just outside the dark hallway so it shines a light through it. Go down the stairs through this next room and duck under the grate into the hallway across from where you come in and grab another triangle off the floor here.

Carry this second pyramid all the way back into the statue room and place it in the doorway to the left, then double back and pick up the first pyramid again. Bring it down this path until the lights connect and the doorway opens into a room with a large table. Take the third pyramid from this table and set it up in front of the dark hallway, then cycle back to bring the second and first pyramids to chain the light all the way into the dark room at the end of this hallway.

The lights in this room will power on thanks to the pyramids. Interact with the switch on the far right of the room to bring the body cage down onto the middle platform. After a strange device comes down and appears to scan the body, pull the lever at the foot of the cage to call a hook down to carry the body up and along a track on the ceiling. This is your ticket out as well.

Flip the same switch you hit to call the body down in the first place, but this time an empty body cage will be brought in. The only issue is it doesn’t go all the way down to the platform, so you will need to climb the nearby ladder and get inside it before it is pulled back.

The bars will open as you’re scanned, revealing your unborn child on the display in front of you. Once the little cutscene ends a red button will start glowing on the side of the display you need to press. An unknown specter will appear and speak to you, promising to help if you follow. Throw the switch in front of the cage again and quickly jump back inside. You will now be lifted up and carried into the next section of the game.

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