Amnesia: The Bunker Revealed, Coming In March 2023

Horror fans were already eating well in 2023, but the year just got even spookier as Frictional Games has announced a brand new Amnesia game called Amnesia: The Bunker. We don't have a specific release date just yet, but the game is expected to launch at some point in March 2023 for PC, as well as Xbox and Playstation consoles.

Frictional Games broke the news with a short yet sweet announcemet trailer which you can find embedded below. It begins with the player switching on a light in their left hand as they slowly walk through a pitch black room filled with bunk beds. Creepy sounds can be heard in the background until the player reaches a door and walks out into a corridor. They then pull out a revolver and check how many bullets are left in the chamber, before quickly spinning around and firing a round at an approaching monster that is hidden in the darkness.

Thankfully, there are plenty more details about the game on its official website. Don't go in expecting a typical Amnesia experience though, as Frictional Games is looking to shake things up for fans in a pretty major way this time around. For starters, Amnesia: The Bunker will feature a "semi open-world" in which you'll be able to choose your own playstyle in order to survive. Just like in previous titles, there will be a bunch of fiendish puzzles and obstacles to overcome, but each one has multiple solutions and can be approached however you like.

Better yet, Amnesia: The Bunker looks to be channeling its inner Alien: Isolation, as the game will feature very few scripted events as well as a horrible creature will stalk you wherever you go. To fend off this horrible beastie, you'll have your handy revolver, as this will be the first game in the series to feature a weapon that you can use to defend yourself. Be aware though that ammunition will be scarce, so you'll need to save it for emergencies. Either that, or blow through it all in 10 seconds and pray for a swift death.

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