Among Us Gives Preview Of New Map

A new map and cosmetics are coming soon.

Innersloth has announced a new map for Among Us via Twitter. The teaser image shows a rather large bridge section of a ship that appears to be a nod to The Henry Stickmin Collection, Innersloth’s six-part choose-your-own-path game series.

This section of the map is one of the largest single rooms in Among Us, alongside the cafeteria on Skeld. It looks to be slightly bigger than the cafeteria on Mira and much larger than any room on Polus. This indicates it might be one of the largest maps yet. It’s also possible that the white outline in the top left of the preview image is a blueprint for the ship, which could provide a clue to the overall layout of the map.

If the cut-off blueprint is correct, this map is going to have a lot of dead-ends similar to Mira and will see players doubling back and crossing paths more often than on Polus and Skeld which provided circular paths that people tend to flow around in one direction, completing each task along the way.

Also included in the teaser image are some new cosmetics, including the most trustworthy of all facial hair types: a large handlebar moustache. In addition to this, the screenshot shows that there are familiar tasks returning including download/upload and rerouting power alongside possible new additions via new control unique stations, but they may just be cosmetic.

Like Skeld, this map appears to be quite clean and in good shape, as opposed to the more rundown visuals of Polus or the mess you are able to find in areas of Mira. Although we the rest of the ship could be in worse condition.

The vent location appears to be quite risky, being central to the room with a clear line of sight from the doorway. Many an imposter is bound to be caught venting into this room if they are not careful.

Innersloth followed up with a tweet claiming that if we are hungry for more The Game Awards on December 10, we should start “getting reaaaaaal suspicious”. So expect to see a full reveal of the new map during the awards.

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