Among Us-Like Murder Mystery Eville Shows Off Hilarious Highlight Reel Of Death

VestGames’ murder mystery Eville takes the thrill of whodunnit intrigue to medieval times, and there’s a ton of ways to die. The latest video for the middle ages game of deception makes for a bit of a hilarious highlight reel, showing off all of the ways you can take out your friends.

For the unfamiliar, Eville’s Among Us-like mechanics drop you into the role of either a villager or conspirator. You’ll fight to survive the night as a potential victim, with villagers receiving nifty character roles that provide them with perks to try to figure out just who the killer is. The conspirator will hunt in the night and try to blend in by day, maintaining their best poker face while they try to pass for one of the innocent. Eville is a race to accuse the right people of their crimes, and if the villagers fail, the conspirator wins.

And the killers have plenty of tricks in their arsenal to take you down, too. Poison, axe, or burn your friends in archaic medieval murder methods before they find out who the real baddie is. In VestGames’ latest video, a few content creators shared their greatest murder hits – and they’re a good laugh if you aren’t on the receiving end of things.

Plenty of their clips end in yells of shock, excitement, or frustration as Eville’s whodunnit battleground is full of surprises. This latest reel highlights more of those ways that Eville feels like Among Us, but with some added layers for ways to deceive, outplay, and take down your foes.

Just last month, VestGames shared another trailer that broke down how the social deduction game worked. Eville’s quest system, layers of magic, and UI all got a handy explainer for folks interested in a little medieval manipulation.

Eville is coming to PC via Steam Early Access in 2021. Its spacefaring counterpart, Among Us, just dropped a new mobile update that added Discord and Twitch integration, while Limited Run is working on a physical edition – complete with a handy Emergency Meeting button.

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