Among Us VR Shares Brand-New Footage

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Among Us VR. After confirming its holiday release plans on both Steam and the Oculus Quest (now Meta Quest) platforms, Among Us VR is now showing us the updated gameplay in this most immersive version of Among Us yet.

Crew members will run around The Skeld and complete tasks while avoiding the deadly Impostor, who will render hapless crew mates in twain if they manage to get caught. Among Us’s trademark humor remains fully intact (even if crew mates do not) as dead crew are still denoted with a hacked torso with a femur sticking out. The trailer didn’t show us any interesting death animations, however, so it seems like Among Us loses a little humor in the jump to VR.

But what it loses in death animations, Among Us VR gains in players being able to animatedly move their hands and point during deliberations. The unfortunate yellow crewmate is only able to twiddle their pointers as the slowly dwindling crew is picked off one-by-one, eventually leaving them to just shrug in total helplessness.

It looks like many of the original game’s tasks remain intact, with medical scans, emptying the garbage, and recalibrating the shields all coming over from Among Us. It does seem like there’s at least one new task that involves a whack-a-mole-style minigame, and accessing the ship’s cameras provides a bird's eye view that far surpasses the 2D cameras of the original game. And if you manage to wind up dead, players will still be able to float around as ghosts, although their communication will be limited to other dead players.

Among Us VR is set to arrive sometime later this year on Steam and Oculus. In the meantime, you can grab a sussy backpack in Fortnite thanks to this Among Us collaboration.

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