Andrew Garfield Has Firmly Denied His Appearance In Spider-Man: No Way Home

We all know the pressure actors are under when it comes to keeping Marvel’s secrets. Some have been caught in the moment and shed a few details they were not supposed to, while others furiously work to debunk any rumors. The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield falls into the second category, and his recent interview with Josh Horowitz is either proof that he’s not appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home, or proof that he’s a convincing liar.

The great Spider-Verse rumor revolves around Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s cameos in the closing chapter of Jon Watts’ Spider-Man trilogy, where the past Spider-Men are supposed to swing in to save the day with Tom Holland. There have been various reports fueling the fire of this rumor, despite Holland’s personal denial that neither actor was present on set. Marvel fans know that actors are sworn to secrecy and encouraged to debunk any rumors that come their way, but Garfield’s recent denial is very animated and lengthy which makes us wonder if he’s trying too hard to conceal the truth.

MTV correspondent, actor, and writer Josh Horowitz interviewed Garfield as part of his Happy Sad Confused podcast, in which he subtly slipped the Spider-Man rumor into the conversation. Garfield immediately reacted and insisted on clarifying the speculation, stating how this theory had gotten out of hand. Garfield confirmed that he never received a call to star in the film, and appeared to feel sympathetic towards fans who, in his mind, will be disheartened. If the rumors are true, perhaps the actor felt it was necessary to deliver an Oscar-worthy performance to deny it, otherwise, fans may want to prepare for disappointment.

One point that wasn’t raised during the interview was the report of Garfield’s stunt double being spotted on set. This convincing piece of evidence came from an Instagram post by the stunt double himself, who hinted at being on the No Way Home set with Holland’s stunt double. The post has since been deleted, which is just more confirmation that the rumors may be true.

Another theory to support the arrival of both Spider-Men is the rumor that No Way Home will follow the story arc of the ‘Happy Birthday’ comic. This narrative focuses on Doctor Strange’s union with Spider-Man to defend New York City. However, the Sorcerer Supreme ends up opening a porthole which forces Spider-Man to face old enemies.

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