Anji Mito Shows Us His Moves In New Guilty Gear -Strive- Trailer

In a new trailer for the upcoming Guilty Gear -Strive-, Arc System Works has announced that fan-favorite character Anji Mito will be returning with his dual fans and fetching glasses. Teased at the end of Giovanna’s trailer back in October, Anji Mito isn’t wildly different from his past iterations but certainly looks cool.

As far as plot goes, Arc System Works isn’t reinventing the wheel. “Anji is one of the few surviving Japanese people,” an official description reads. “He can be hot-blooded, acting on his intuition rather than reason. It’s easy to recognize his actions as direct and lacking foresight, but he isn’t an optimist – he simply isn’t very careful.” That doesn’t exactly come through in his move set.

So far, Anji Mito marks the 14th character that has been revealed for -Strive-. With only 15 coming with the main game, that means we’re a single fighter away from knowing the entire roster. At least one season pass is in the works, which you can pre-order through either the “Deluxe” or “Ultimate” editions on the PlayStation store. That will include an additional five characters, bringing the count up to 20.

I’m not sure I care for DLC being announced so far in advance, but at least Arc System Works intends to support -Strive- for some time. I’ll take progressive updates every few months versus entire new versions a year later with no cross-compatibility. It’s a shame that PC users won’t be able to play with their PlayStation counterparts, but at least PS4 and PS5 players can fight it out online together.

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