Another PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy to be revealed at E3 claims insider

Aside from Final Fantasy 16, Square Enix apparently has another PS5 exclusive entry it’s saving for E3.

With Square Enix attending E3 2021, it’s suspected that it will have some kind of update for Final Fantasy 16, the next major entry in the series, which will release exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

But, despite there being very little talk surrounding the game, since its September 2020 reveal (there hasn’t even been another trailer), there are claims that Square Enix has a second PlayStation 5 exclusive Final Fantasy it has yet to announce.

This comes from ResetEra user Navtra, who recently stated that Square Enix will have at least one major Final Fantasy announcement at E3 alongside updates for already announced games.

They later followed this up with ‘I believe we’re getting two major SE reveals this June: A PS5 exclusive FF title, and a cross-gen Eidos title.’

They did admit that they don’t know the publisher’s exact E3 schedule and is guessing based on their knowledge of what games it has in development, their respective development progress, and their target release dates.

Navtra is considered to be a reliable source of information. They shared knowledge of Final Fantasy 16’s existence before the initial reveal and correctly predicted a number of other game announcements in 2020, including games first shown during Sony’s PS5 Future of Gaming showcase.

Aside from Final Fantasy 16, it’s likely that Square Enix will share or reiterate details on Final Fantasy 14’s next expansion, Endwalker, considering it’s releasing this November.

And with Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade releasing on June 10, a couple of days before E3 begins, there’s bound to be something related to that. Maybe even a teaser for the next remake instalment or at least an update on the First Soldier and/or Ever Crisis mobile games.

As for what the Eidos game could be, it’s unclear whether they’re using Eidos (the former UK publisher of Tomb Raider, who Square Enix bought in 2009) as a catch-all term for a Western-developed game or if they mean the studio Eidos-Montréal, who is best known for the modern Deus Ex games.

Square Enix Montréal is currently working on a Just Cause mobile game and a new Tomb Raider was confirmed back in January. However, Crystal Dynamics is meant to be spearheading that project and the studio even said that it probably won’t be revealed this year.

Other Square Enix games that are bound to at least be mentioned are Forspoken (which finally got a proper name a couple of months ago), Life Is Strange: True Colors, and Avengers (possibly a trailer for the planned Black Panther DLC).

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