Apex Legends: Hunted Launch Trailer Reveals Vantage’s Abilities

Apex Legends: Hunted just got its launch trailer, and perhaps as expected, it's all about Vantage, the new Legend coming with the new season. Vantage's backstory has already been explained in the recent Stories from the Outlands, but today's trailer shows us what Vantage has been up to after being rescued by the Gaean authorities. It also gives us a look at just what Vantage brings to Apex Legends.

Last we saw Vantage, aka Mara Contreras, she was trapped beneath a broken landing strut at the bottom of an icy gorge. Her mother was forced to rescue her by sacrificing her freedom, using a distress beacon to call in the local system authorities. Their advanced technology was able to save Vantage’s life, but at the cost of Xenia returning to prison.

Today’s trailer reveals Vantage then joins the Apex Games to advocate for her mother’s release. She’s initially a little out of her depth, but surviving in the wilds of Págos has taught her a few tricks that are a real boon for any squad.

Vantage’s abilities leaked months ago, and today’s trailer seems to confirm the broad strokes of how those abilities work. Her passive drops her helmet-mounted scope to bring up information on sighted enemies. The trailer shows name and range, but the leak indicated Vantage can get some information on her target’s defensive equipment and team size.

Her tactical ability seems to be mobility-focused. The trailer shows Vantage sending out her pet bat companion and then using her jetpack to launch to its position. This lets Vantage easily cross large distances and reach higher ground similar to Pathfinder’s grappling hook.

Vantage’s ultimate was described in the leak as giving both herself and her squad a damage boost against targets marked by Vantage’s scanner. She came pre-armed with the Kraber sniper rifle in the trailer, but it remains to be seen whether Vantage’s ultimate might make a Kraber spawn out of thin air for her.

All this is just educated guessing for now, but we'll find out for sure when Respawn releases the Hunted gameplay trailer on August 1. Apex Legends: Hunted arrives August 9.

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