Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 Vs Quest Graphic Comparison

One of VR’s original zombie shooters now features full support for Quest 2. How does it compare to Quest 1? Find out in our Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 vs Quest graphics comparison!

Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers’ VR zombie shooter really gave a lot of early VR adopters what they wanted back in 2016. An Oculus Quest port finally followed in December last year and a Quest 2-specific patch was ready and waiting for launch yesterday. Stacking up the two versions side-by-side reveals one of the most improved Quest 2 updates we’ve yet seen.

Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 Vs Quest Graphic Comparison

Whereas many of the Quest 2 updates released so far aim to bump up resolutions for the headset’s sharper display, Arizona has plenty of genuinely noticeable differences even when watching on a flatscreen. In the first level of the game, you’ll notice dramatically improved models for zombies and extra visual touches from the PC VR version being restored. That ranges from small details like birds flying in the sky and extra blood spatters to increased foliage and other elements.

Playing through the first level, we also spotted a bit more pop-in on the Quest 1 version of the game while, moving up onto the bridge shootout, you’ll notice cars actually have windows now (a pretty important defense in the zombie apocalypse). Add in extra foliage and you have a cleaner version of the game that’s definitely a step up from the original port.

The extra polish goes beyond the first level, too. There’s also dynamic lighting and shader updates, which are more noticeable in levels that aren’t bathed in the orange glow of the sun. The same is true of the dynamic muzzle flash lighting in darker levels. Vertigo has even managed to get a real-time scope working for sniper levels. The developer highlighted those updates in the video below.

Will you be checking out the game on Quest 2? What do you make of our Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 vs Quest graphics comparison? Let us know in the comments below!

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