Ash Williams Leaked For Mortal Kombat 11 (But For Real This Time)

Rumors about Ash Williams heading to Mortal Kombat 11 were a recurring trend in 2019, and despite a coy declaration from Bruce Campbell that the character was not coming to the game, a recent leak of official promotional material has brought the rumor back from the dead. The tricky bit lies in Campbell’s denial from 2019, where he was clear in stating that Evil Dead’s Ash was not coming to the game as paid DLC, and looking back, that seems to be true.

Instead of Evil Dead, the newly revealed promotional material features a copyright claim description for Army of Darkness, featuring “Ash,” which in all fairness is a key difference, since both films represent a different version of the character. Evil Dead 2 is far more of an origin story for the Ash we all know and love in Army of Darkness.

The distinction is important because of the loadout fans would expect to see in Mortal Kombat 11. If we’re nitpicking, Ash from Evil Dead 2 isn’t the same ass-kicking character from Army of Darkness. The latter would be a far more appropriate inclusion in Mortal Kombat 11, with both a chainsaw hand and shotgun ready to go with lots of demon-killing experience.

The leak of this copyright for Ash goes further than simply revealing a single upcoming DLC fighter, it adds a hefty amount of weight to the idea that Kombat Pack 2 is right around the corner from being announced. Since Spawn was released, all announced characters from the first round of DLC has been added to the game, and players have been wondering if there would be more characters coming.

Even before this leak occurred, no one should really be surprised to hear of the next round of DLC characters, and this is because fighting games today have a far different life expectancy than games from a decade ago. This is to say that developers have little interest in releasing new fighting games too often. Call of Duty and most sports games push for an annual release, and those games are often called out for their lack of innovation due to their constant release schedules.

Mortal Kombat 11 meanwhile will likely go the route of Street Fighter V and Tekken 7, which is to say initially released and then supported with carefully made balance changes and the addition of new characters every so often to drastically shift the meta of fighters.

With that in mind, NetherRealm Studios should really drop the act and announce the next Kombat Pack, because we’re all dying to know who the other five fighters would be!

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