Assassin’s Creed Origins: Hermit Location Guide

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  • Eremites Hideout
  • Ra Horahkty Mountain Top
  • Aquifer Oasis
  • Ogdamos
  • Demesne of Sekhem

Assassin's Creed Origins' virtual re-creation of Ancient Egypt is filled with sights to see and things to do. Some of the most well-hidden activities are the Hermit Locations. Calling them activities might be giving them too much credit, though. After all, when you find one, all you do is go up to it and hit the button prompt to make Bayek meditate.

But they're still worth finding since interacting with them all grants you the Words Of Wisdom achievement or trophy. On top of that, you earn an ability point for each one. If you want to get them all, these are their locations.

Eremites Hideout

This Hermit location is in the southern part of Faiyum, near the border to Faiyum Oasis and not far from the Euhemeria village.

It might be called a hideout, but there are no humans hiding there. Yet, watch out for snakes as there are plenty of them around. The Hermit spot is on top of the main structure – look for the red sheet.

Ra Horahkty Mountain Top

You have to head to the Black Desert for this Hermit location. It's towards the northeast part of that region.

As the name suggests, you need to head to a mountain top for this one, so you'll need to do plenty of climbing. Once you reach the summit, look for an elevated flat section with a red cloth on top. This is the Hermit spot in question.

Aquifer Oasis

Towards the northwestern corner of the Qattara Depression is a small oasis.

Go to the northern part of it to find a few torches sticking out of the water. The hermit spot that you need to interact with is in the middle of them.


Ogdamos is in a mountain area within the center of Paraitonion.

At the spot are a bunch of buildings, and the hermit location is within the north-most one. Once you enter the place, look to your left to find the spot.

Demesne of Sekhem

This one is in the Herakleion Nome region, which is in the northeast corner of the map. The exact spot is just outside Heraklion city.

The Hermit location is outside a wooden building, next to some red sheets. If you approach at night, you will notice a bunch of candles around the spot.

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