Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dataminer Finds Iron Man And Thanos Armour

Assassin's Creed Valhalla data miners have uncovered two crossover armour sets in the game's files – Iron Man and Thanos. Both have unique designs to make them more AC-like, such as Iron Man featuring a red hood, while Thanos has two Infinity Gauntlet-looking gloves.

It's not just a cosmetic set of armour, either, as this Iron Man set lets you fire a blue laser beam from your chest when activating the Battlecry ability (as reported by Kotaku).

The Iron Man armour also comes with two swords, a mount, and a raven, with a white variant that is very Stormtrooper-like as highlighted in AndyReloads' video embedded below. However, these skins haven't been announced and can't be found in the in-game store, so it's unclear when we can expect them.

The Thanos set is called the "Master of Elements" and comes with Thanos and Mayan-inspired armour. You also get two golden gauntlets with glowing gems – it's safe to say those are the Infinity Gauntlets. Only you can't bend reality and pull moons down to obliterate your enemies. You'll instead find that a new special perk and ability activates every ten seconds as a gem glows, giving you a boon to help you in fights.

It's not quite the grandiose Infinity War-like spectacle that the movie's Gauntlet is capable of, but it's a neat cosmetic all the same. You can see the gauntlets in action below.

The gauntlets aren't weapons so you can run around with dual-wielded swords as you dual-wield the Infinity Gauntlets, turning you into an unstoppable purple killing machine. Minus the purple, unfortunately. Although it might be a bit immersion-breaking if you're trying to keep to the Norse theme – I don't think there were any Titans roaming about with magical space artefacts back then.

While we don't know when these armour sets will arrive in Valhalla for all, the new free Forgotten Saga DLC dropped on August 2, adding a rogue-lite-inspired game mode. Eivor is sent to Niflheim, the Realm of the Dead, to fight Loki's hordes of undead.

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