Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Lincolnscire Walkthrough – The Lay Of Hunwald

No event in history is more important than the people who are affected by it. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla understands this wisdom well and introduces a slew of new characters throughout the game that players learn to love, hate, embrace, and grieve. Lincolncscire offers a little bit of all of that with a host of NPCs for Eivor to interact with.

Still, the region is not a cakewalk by any means and there are more stages in this questline than the questlines leading up to it. With so many chances to get turned around and go wrong, it’s nice to get some advice from the pros on how to do it right and as expeditiously as possible. This guide goes over every single objective in the questline and provides tips from the veterans to make your journey a successful one.

A Noble Escort

  • Speak To Hunwald

Don’t go to Lincolnscire yet! Your contact is actually by the docks in Ravensthorpe.

  • Find And Speak To Hunwald

OK, now go to Lincolnscire. You’ll find him in a longhouse that appears to have been converted to a bar. After a lot of jabbering, you’ll get into a fistfight with Cearl. You can usually button mash your way to glory, but if he’s giving you a hard time, dodge his red attack and he’ll be prone to an entire flurry of blows afterward.

  • Find And Regroup With Hunwald
  • Protect Hunwald
  • Speak To Hunwald

During the fight, Hunwald has been captured by two soldiers who both have their backs turned to Eivor. You can assassinate the one on the left without the other one having time to react, then assassinate him and move on to the next stage.


  • Escort Hunwald
  • Escort Hunwald To His Home
  • Escort Hunwald To The Town Hall

The next location isn’t close, but Hunwald will follow you onto mounts and boats, so you can make the trek much faster with some decent transportation.

During these last two stages, every soldier you’ll come across attacks on sight. Hunwald will also follow you as you stealth and climb, but combat is hard to avoid entirely, especially around the town hall, which is surrounded. After a cutscene, you’re ready to move on.

In The Absence Of An Ealdorman

  • Search The Hospice

If you speak to the wrong healer, they’ll have you follow them and waste your time. The correct healer is the head sister, who is standing next to some candles in prayer.

  • Explore The Bathhouse
  • Discover Where The Sewers Lead

You’ll be given directions not more than 160 meters from your current position. Find the breakable door in the bathhouse to uncover the sewer entrance. Follow the tunnels; they will end at a location called Rolling Meg’s Spring.

  • Investigate The Scene

To your right, find the first clue next to some impaled bandits. Continue to head to the right and find the ealdorman’s cloak in a pile on the floorboards. The third and final clue is behind a locked door, but you’ll need the key at the bottom of the waterfall in this cave. After you’ve acquired it, read the note on the desk inside to finish your investigation.

  • Find And Speak To Ealdorman Hundbeorht

Head out of the mouth of this cave and mount up to get to your next point. The location you are given is a massive establishment with loads of unfriendly guards. Save yourself a lot of fruitless searching by heading into the keep and heading down to the basement.

  • Search For Proof

Don’t go too far. By a table in this same room, you’ll find the proof you need in the form of a brooch on the ground.

  • Return The Brooch To Hunwald

Head all the way out of your current danger zone and back into Hunwald’s danger zone to return the brooch to him. After a very long dialogue, you’ll be permitted to progress.

Salve For A Fresh Wound

  • Speak To Acha
  • Find And Speak To Hunwald

Speak to Acha who is justifiably beset with guilt. Then hop on a mount and go find Hunwald, who has managed to make it a very long way before stopping.

  • Escort Hunwald
  • Eliminate The Threat
  • Escort Hunwald

This is not actually an escort mission, this is a follow mission, so don’t run off. Stick by Hunwald as he drinks and rides (friends don’t let friends…).

After a few minutes, Eivor will stop Hunwald and you’ll be instructed to take out an upcoming threat. The attackers will not be labeled at first, find them at the top of the ridge that you are passing through. There are ten in total, after taking out seven, the final three will be marked.

Resume the trip on your mount after this encounter. It will lead to a cutscene that concludes this step of the questline.

The Thegn Of Lincoln

  • Speak To Aelfgar
  • Follow Aelfgar

Head to the rural area of Lincolnscire and find Aelfgar, who gives you a present. Follow him on your steed as instructed.

  • Search The Dave For The Bear
  • Eliminate The Wolves
  • Regroup With Grim

You’re looking specifically for a partially eaten horse. After you examine it, you’ll be ganked by wolves. Kill them and then head back outside to speak with Grim.

  • Reach Aelfgar’s Estate
  • Clear Out The Attackers
  • Speak To Aelfgar

You don’t have to kill all of the enemies, though a hidden meter does seem to measure your progress. Just kill them until you get the objective to speak to Aelfgar. After a cutscene, the bear will appear. You are under no obligation to kill it, but why not? After that, mount up and head to the next quest.

Where The Stone Falls

  • Speak To Acha

Return to Acha (the area is finally friendly) and ask her to kick off the shiremoot.

  • Vote For A New Ealdorman

Your vote will always be the winning vote. Do not choose Herefrith. If you do, the arc breaks and you will have to come back later to preside over a disaster. The selection of Hunwald or Aelfgar is purely for flavor as their fates in the game are set in stone. Hunwald will come to live in Ravensthorpe if you select Aelfgar.

  • Eliminate Herefrith’s Guards

Pretty simple, just kill the baddies to progress to the next step.

A Sword-Shower In Anecastre

  • Speak To The New Ealdorman
  • Follow Hunwald/Aelfgar
  • Speak With The Captain

Both candidates, regardless of the outcome, will be standing next to each other to track down Herefrith. Follow them on your mount. Tell the captain you’re ready for the assault to proceed.

  • Breach The Gates
  • Destroy The Blockade
  • Shoot Links To Lower The Drawbridge

By now, you’re probably an expert at assaults. Just remember to shoot oil cauldrons to make your life with the ram a little easier. You can also use an explosive arrow on the blockade, but if you don’t have one, some fire jars are in the courtyard for your throwing pleasure.

  • Find And Assassinate Bishop Herefrith
  • Speak To Hunwald

Unlike most other final bosses, who are either hiding or ready for combat, Bishop Herefrith is doing neither. Take one hack at him and he’ll go down.

Close this chapter by finding and speaking to Hunwald one last time.

Reporting On Lincolnscire

  • Report To Randvi
  • Report To Randvi

Instead of the usual wrap up, you’ll be sitting in on a heated dispute between Holger and Gudrun. Your initial choice does not matter as you will be interrupted by Sigurd who will deliver a final verdict. If you want the best ending, you should choose “I support Sigurd’s judgment.”

You will then report to Randvi a second time to wrap up this questline!

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