Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Raising Iron Guide

Raising Iron is the next main quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla after A Triumphant Return. It tasks you with recruiting Theotford for your upcoming battle with the remainder of Rued’s clan, although you’ll quickly realize gaining his allegiance isn’t quite so simple.

If you’re having trouble finding Theotford or can’t seem to reclaim King’s Bury from Rued’s men, don’t worry. We’ve put together this detailed Raising Iron guide as part of our complete Assassin’s Creed Valhalla walkthrough in order to make sure that you can convince Theotford to join your cause to take down Rued’s clan once and for all.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Raising Iron Guide

This guide picks up directly where our A Triumphant Return guide left off. After the cutscene with Valdis, Broder, Brothir, and Finnr plays, fast travel back to Northwic docks. Head to the quest marker in order to regroup once again, and speak to Finnr in order to start yet another cutscene. He will say that you need to raise a fyrd and that Theotford, a local reeve who is loyal to Oswald, will help.

After the cutscene, head towards the quest marker in order to reach Theotford. When you arrive, speak to him in order to start a new cutscene. Theotford will say that he will help you if you can successfully take a village called King’s Bury back from Rued’s clan first.

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While it’s technically quicker to swim directly across the river to your new quest marker, you should bring your longship instead so that you can initiate a proper raid on your own terms. Otherwise you’ll be up against dozens of enemies on your own, waiting for your crewmates to slowly respond to your warhorn.

Once you arrive on the longship, initiate the raid and head for the shore. Kill all of the enemies on the beach and head up towards the main area along the path. Go into the monastery in front of you and kill the war-bringer and shield-bearers. Be sure to loot the chest at the back of the room in order to get the Magister’s Mask, and don’t forget to collect the key on the table to the right, which you can then use to unlock the smaller building across the way. This building, when unlocked, contains a chest with a nickel ingot and some pieces of titanium. Once everyone in the vicinity is dead, climb on top of the church and sound the warhorn in order to signal victory to Theotford. The reeve will immediately show up in order to thank you. Speak to him in order to trigger a new cutscene, during which Theotford will say that he is willing to aid you in your battle against Rued’s clan, causing the quest to end and leading into the next main story mission: A Fury from the Sea.

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