Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Tilting The Balance Guide

Tilting the Balance is the next quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla after The Walls of Templebrough. For this quest you will need to find King Burgred, who is hiding in a crypt in Offchurch.

If you’ve been struggling with finding Burgred or are unsure about which choice to make when speaking to Queen Aethelswith, don’t worry: we’ve put together this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Titling the Balance guide as part of our complete Assassin’s Creed Valhalla walkthrough to help you out.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Tilting The Balance Guide

This guide picks up right where our The Walls of Templebrough guide left off. It’s a deceptively long walk to your next quest marker and there are stables right next to he harbor where you arrive after fast travelling, so either climb up on a horse or call your mount before heading up the main path to Tamworth. Ubba Ragnarsson and Sigurd will be waiting for you in the square — after the cutscene plays, you will need to go into the stables to question Queen Aethelswith.

You can either choose to show sympathy and tell Aethelswith you understand why she despises the sons of Ragnar, or intimidate her by asking if she has a weak stomach. Either way, Ivarr Ragnarsson will roll three severed heads across the floor, causing her to reveal her husband’s location. He’s hiding out in a crypt at Offchurch, south of Ledecestre at the point where the Arwy and Alne rivers join. Here’s the exact location on the map to help you find it faster.


The point you’re looking at is in the bottom left corner of the map, at the river junction directly above the red monastery symbol. Set a custom marker here and head down to the docks to board your longboat — the custom marker will allow you to use the auto sail function, meaning you won’t have to manually navigate your way there. It’s worth fast travelling to the docks instead of walking down if you want to save time.

Once you arrive here, use your Raven’s sight to scout the surrounding area. The crypt is to the northeast of the junction, so fly that way until you see the quest area, which will be highlighted in green. Set a custom map marker there and make your way towards it.

The crypt itself is located behind a large rock with iron ore on top of it. This is Offchurch, the place you are looking for — however, the door at the bottom of the stairs at the entrance is blocked. As a result, you’ll need to head to the settlement behind the crypt to look for another way in. At this point a proper quest marker will appear on the minimap, but be careful as you approach it — a strong enemy guards the other door to the crypt, meaning that a stealthy approach is definitely advised.

Climb on top of the building instead of walking around it. From here you can stealthily take enemies out with arrow headshots and avoid any unnecessary brawls. Once you’ve done this, either assassinate the guard at the front or wait for him to leave his post — once the doorway is not guarded, quickly head into the crypt.

Head down the first set of stairs at the back of the main room, but make sure to crouch before going down the second flight — an enemy will be training to your left as soon as you walk into the next room, and will see you if you just brazenly run in. Quietly assassinate him, then go through a crack in the room’s right-hand wall, which leads to an area covered in spiderwebs. This is not necessary for the quest you are currently doing, but there is a book of knowledge you can collect back here.

Once you’ve got the book of knowledge, head back out into the main room. In the corner where the enemy you just assassinated was training, you’ll see a pillar that you can move. Pull it away from the wall and crouch to get through the little tunnel it was hiding — you can collect a carbon ingot here.

Now go back to the main room again and head straight to the end and up the stairs. Turn right at the top, but make sure that you’re still crouched — there will be an enemy on your left in the first room you go into. Take him out with an arrow headshot, which should also blow a hole in the wall behind him — go through the gap and dive down into the water to find a chest, which you can loot for the Fyrd Spear.

Return to the room you came from and press forward. The next room is the last one before Burgred. There’s a skirmisher here, who you should just assassinate instead of fighting one on one. There are two doors to the right at the back of the room — it doesn’t matter which one you go through, as both lead to Burgred. Once you head inside, a cutscene will play.

Once this finishes you will need to fight the king. He’s pretty easy to beat, which makes sense given how much of a coward he has been made out to be. When you get him to low health, he’ll drop to one knee and give up. Tie him up and loot the room for some goodies, including the Sepulcher Axe in a chest in the back corner. Once you’re done, pick Burgred up and make your way out through the door directly on your right after leaving his quarters. Head up the stairs and a black horse will be waiting outside — put Burgred on it, mount it, and ride north to a new location, Venonis, which will be highlighted by a quest marker.

Once you arrive, you will immediately need to ride hard for Tamworth. Enemies will appear shortly afterwards and give chase to you, — pick them off with arrows or simply gallop as fast as you can towards the quest marker. As you get close, Norsemen will come out to fight them off anyway, so you’re free to just ignore them if you want. Once you hit Tamworth, ride in through the main entrance and a cutscene will start. Burgred will mention that he has hired the Zealots to hunt you, ending this quest and starting the next one, Heavy is the Head.

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