Astro’s Playroom: All GPU Jungle Collectible Locations

When gamers hook up their PlayStation 5, they'll find a pleasant surprise. Sony's latest console comes equipped with Astro's Playroom, a pre-downloaded game that introduces players to the new features of the DualSense controller while also serving as a remembrance of Sony's influence on games.

There are four sections in Astro's Playroom, each divided into four sub-levels. Astro will battle various enemies throughout each level and find collectibles that all PlayStation fans will gush over. In this guide, we're going to highlight how to find all the collectibles located in GPU Jungle.

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Teraflop Treetops
Raytrace Ruins
Mt. Motherboard

Renderforest – PlayStation Motion Controller Artifact

The first area in GPU Jungle is Renderforst. Astro will spawn in a lush, green area with squirrels scampering up trees and little pond areas scattered about. Head toward the right and drop down to find an Astro bot impersonating Aloy from Horizon.

Collect the coins in the little pond nearby and defeat the spiked enemies. Blow into the PlayStation 5 controller to propel the multi-colored fan, revealing a cave with the PlayStation Motion Controller artifact.

Renderforest – Puzzle Piece #1

Go back to the main path by pulling the nearby cords to reveal the trampoline. Pull the cords from the wall to pull out the platform, allowing you to climb to the next area. Turn left and take down the two caterpillars by using Astro's hover laser, then super punch the flower to make it grow and sprout disc petals to jump on.

Hop across the discs to another platform, then walk across the tightrope to the other side. Defeat the enemy and then hover across the platform to continue going up. The last platform will have a spiked enemy and the first puzzle piece.

Renderforest – Puzzle Piece #2

After securing the first puzzle piece, continue moving forward and pull the cables from the rock wall to reveal trigger platforms. Hop up the triggers until you reach the next checkpoint before a large platform with a caterpillar.

After you kill the caterpillar, go left and pull the cords on the wooden board to create a jump pad. Jump on it to reach a tight rope and dodge the incoming projectiles to reach the second puzzle piece.

Renderforest – Puzzle Piece #3

When you reach the second puzzle piece, it'll launch you back to the main platform. Go to the next step and pull up a container bomb device to throw at targets.

Before you proceed forward, turn back around and throw them at the two hanging circular targets. The right target will have coins, and the left target will have the third puzzle piece.

Renderforest – PlayStation Vita Game Pack Artifact

Once you've secured the third puzzle piece, shoot the target across the chasm to bring a tight rope to walk on. On the other side, balance on the aircraft wings to scurry to each platform, killing the caterpillar with your foot lasers to advance. You'll reach another checkpoint and for good reason; if you aren't careful, you might be squished by the giant barrel on the path.

Step aside to avoid the barrel, then quickly run up, killing any lingering enemies. When you reach the next area, turn left and jump to the side platform, and you'll notice a cave opening. Drop down and pull the cords to receive the PlayStation Vita Game Pack artifact.

Renderforest – Puzzle Piece #4

After collecting the PlayStation Vita Game Pack artifact, use the jump pad to get back to the center platform. You'll encounter a new electric enemy holding two electric rods, so if you try punching it you'll die.

Wait for it to leap in the air and drive the rods into the ground, electrifying a small impact area. Wait for the electricity to die down, then pull the exposed wires to kill it. Head across the bridge and punch the flower enemy on the other side. Before using the jump pad, drop down to the left for the fourth and final puzzle piece.

Teraflop Treetops – Puzzle Piece #1

In the next level, Teraflop Treetops, Astro will use a monkey suit to climb through the trees. You need to tilt the controller from left to right while alternating the triggers to climb up. After climbing for a bit, you'll reach a mechanism that will automatically carry you up.

You'll notice another mechanism to the left, so you'll need to quickly grab on to start heading to the left. You'll find a new area to manually climb up and then another mechanism to take you around a square opening to reach the first puzzle piece.

Teraflop Treetops – Puzzle Piece #2

After getting the first puzzle piece, continue heading up until you reach gymnastic bars. You'll use the motion controller to swing on the bar and launch yourself upward.

It's recommended to swing as hard as you can because even if you fly past the bar, you can grab onto the bar falling down with the triggers. The second bar will have the second puzzle piece to the left, so just shuffle yourself over to reach it.

Teraflop Treetops – PayStation Camera Artifact

Before you go back to the center after getting the second puzzle piece, swing on the bar and launch yourself up to reach the climbing area to the left. If you swing hard enough, you should be able to reach the bar without using the climb steps, but if you can't, be careful of the top two steps.

They're more delicate than the others, and you'll have to gently push down on the triggers to grip the handles lightly. When you reach the top, you'll receive the PlayStation Camera artifact.

Teraflop Treetops – Puzzle Piece #3

After getting the artifact, you won't have to worry about trying to find your way back to the main path. A mechanism will automatically take Astro back to the center path.

Continue swinging upward on the gymnastic bars, but be careful to grab hold of each bar, so you don't fall to your death. After a few swings, you'll stumble into the third puzzle piece.

Teraflop Treetops – Puzzle Piece #4

Once you've found the third puzzle piece, you'll notice a grip handle to the right; swing on the bar and tilt the controller to reach it. When you grab on, it'll reveal a rotating wall that you'll need to time correctly to climb across.

Alternate between the two triggers to continue climbing across. There won't be any enemies in this area, so take your time to carefully climb through, and you'll reach the fourth puzzle piece.

Teraflop Treetops – DualShock 4 Controller Artifact

Finding the last artifact in Teraflop Treetops might be the easiest artifact in Astro's Playroom. While you're hanging from the area you found the fourth puzzle piece, there will be a bar just below you.

Release the triggers to drop down to the hidden bar. This will open up a new area that will reveal the Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller artifact.

Raytrace Ruins – Puzzle Piece #1

After completing Teraflop Treetops, Astro will arrive in Raytrace Ruins. Right away, you'll see wires exposed to the right just ahead of the group of Astros playing Ninja Bots.

Pull up the wires to bring out two large square boulders and the first puzzle piece. Jump on the platform to the left and then hover to reach the top of the boulders to grab the first puzzle piece.

Raytrace Ruins – Puzzle Piece #2

After getting the first puzzle piece, defeat the slew of enemies in the center platform and continue moving forward. There will be a caterpillar that can electrify itself, so be patient before using your jump lasers to kill it.

Just behind the checkpoint, there will be a pathway that goes behind the rock wall that you're meant to climb. There will be an opening hidden behind the wall that will have the second puzzle piece.

Raytrace Ruins – PlayStation VR Processor Unit Artifact

Once you've collected the second puzzle piece, head back up to the center platform. Pull the wires to reveal the trigger platforms and jump across to the trampoline.

Head to the right around the rock wall to find more wires to pull on a wood platform that will give you the PlayStation VR Processor Unit artifact.

Raytrace Ruins – Puzzle Piece #3

Double back around to the checkpoint and continue moving forward. You'll reach a power button that, when pushed, will bring up three pillars to jump across. You might need to use your hovering lasers, but be careful – certain parts of the pillar will shatter and break when the lasers hit. You'll reach another checkpoint before arriving at a tightrope.

Begin walking across the tightrope and a giant fan will appear to the left, blowing you toward the right. Hover jump to the platform to the right with the help of the fan and power punch the flower device to bring up a towering pillar with many side platforms. The tower will have two caterpillars rapidly walking around the sides, so be careful to avoid being hit. Jump around the platforms to find the third puzzle piece.

Raytrace Ruins – PlayStation Vita Artifact

Before you head back to the tightrope, jump to the very top of the tower to find a glass surface. Similar to the other glass surfaces earlier in the level, these can shatter from Astro's hover lasers.

Use your hover lasers to break the glass, revealing wires to pull up, and you'll receive the PlayStation Vita artifact. Once you get the artifact, a trampoline will appear, taking you back to the main path.

Raytrace Ruins – Puzzle Piece #4

Back on the main path, you'll encounter new flying enemies. They will position themselves over you and try to squish you. At the last second, dodge out of the way and punch them. There will be wires to the left that will pull out a chest that will have a bow and arrow inside. Use the bow to blast the explosive enemies to lower the draw bridge and defeat the green goo enemies on the other side. Hit the checkpoint and continue heading up the platform until you see another explosive enemy against a rock wall.

Shoot it to start the boss fight against a rock dragon that will fire projectiles in various patterns. After it fires a few volleys, shoot the explosive enemy to damage it. Do this three times to explode the monster and proceed forward across the tightrope. In the middle of the tightrope, turn to the right to see an opening with a target. Shoot the target to reveal a path that will lead you to the fourth puzzle piece.

Mt. Motherboard – Puzzle Piece #1

After you've completed Raytrace Ruins, it's off to Mt. Motherboard and the return of the monkey suit. Climb up the handles and then wait for the vine to swing toward you to grab hold.

The vine will take you to more bars that you'll need to use the motion controller to build momentum to launch yourself upward. There will be a cannon that will fire a bird-like projectile, so avoid hitting it as you make your way upward. To the left, you'll see the first puzzle piece.

Mt. Motherboard – PlayStation VR Headset Artifact

Just below the puzzle piece, you'll see a handle that will turn into a vine after you grab it. Take the vine to the left and grab the handle to begin climbing up. Watch out for one of the handles. It is delicate, so lightly press on the right trigger to grab hold.

Continue climbing up until you reach a revolving wall, wait for the handles to appear, and continue climbing to reach another set of bars. Swing up the bars to find the PS VR Headset artifact.

Mt. Motherboard – Puzzle Piece #2

After getting the artifact, a mechanism will appear to take you to another bar. Grab hold of the device and hold on to dear life as it takes you back toward the main path.

When the device finishes, you'll see the second puzzle piece hovering directly above. Snag the puzzle piece and return to the main path to continue climbing through Mt. Motherboard.

Mt. Motherboard – Puzzle Piece #3

Continue up the main path until you reach the next checkpoint. Swing up the bars until you see a line of coins that curves to the right.

Build up momentum and tilt the controller to the right to launch yourself around the rocks to drop down into the opening to acquire the third puzzle piece.

Mt. Motherboard – Puzzle Piece #4

After grabbing the third puzzle piece, you'll need to climb up the handles to find a way back to the main path. Before you climb up the handles, you'll notice that the last handle is yellow while all the others are white.

Carefully make your way down the handles to reach the yellow handle. When you grab it, the fourth and final puzzle piece will be revealed.

Mt. Motherboard – PlayStation VR Aim Controller Artifact

After you get the fourth puzzle piece, climb up on the handles while avoiding the two caterpillars. There isn't a way to defeat the caterpillars, so the only way to advance past them is to simply dodge them.

Continue climbing up the handles until you see a bar. Grab the bar at the top to receive the PlayStation VR Aim Controller artifact.

Mt. Motherboard – PlayStation 4 Artifact

Completing the final sub-level of each of the main four levels will reward Astro will a major PlayStation artifact. After you've claimed the PlayStation VR Aim Controller artifact, continue making your way up until you reach another mechanism.

When you grab hold of it, the device will quickly propel Astro to the peak of the mountain. The tiny robot will burst from the monkey suit and when you pull up the cords at the end, you'll receive the PlayStation 4 artifact.

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