Autonauts: 7 Beginner Tips

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  • Use Dedicated Bots To Recharge Other Bots
  • Create Soul Patches Of 3×3 Dimensions
  • Use Signs To Help Your Bots Control
  • Make Use Of The Autonautopedia
  • Untouched Items Will Disappear Over Time
  • Constructing and Moving Buildings
  • Slow Down And Take Your Time

Autonauts is a colony-building game where you have to travel to different planets in the universe and start a civilization. You are in control of everything you do on that planet, where your sole purpose is to utilize the given resources and build from scratch.

The complete process of automating life on the planet and controlling a civilization can be tricky for some people, which is why this guide will prove helpful to you. We will cover the beginner's tips that you might have missed at the start of the game. With the help of these tips and tricks, you will get the hang of the colony-building process.

Use Dedicated Bots To Recharge Other Bots

When you assign bots to a task, they tend to slow down after some time, until you finally have to recharge them. The recharging process takes a lot of time and effort, which you can save by using other bots to do this for you.

What you should do is add recharge commands to the logistic bots dedicated to recharging other bots and put them on a forever loop. Make it an escapable loop so that you have their main hauling commands below. This way, the logistic bots will search the area for the bots that need to get recharged. If there are any damaged bots, the logistic bots will get them fixed for you.

Create Soul Patches Of 3×3 Dimensions

When planting a crop, vegetables, or other resources on your farm, remember to create the soul patches of 3×3 squares. Then, leave a space of a single block for the next 3×3 soul patch. This will create a road between your soul patches, which will make the bots utilize that space and move freely. You can create a base of any size and length, as long as you leave an open area between the soul patches.

One other small tip is to create fences around the base so that the produced resources don't fall out of the area. The bots will not pick up the product from outside that area, and all of it will go to waste.

Use Signs To Help Your Bots Control

Many people consider signs a part of the decoration, but you can utilize them for a bigger purpose. When you put a sign in an area, it gives you the option to select the area surrounding that sign. Once selected, you can assign that area to a group of bots instead of manually choosing for each bot.

Also, when you update the area of that sign, the bots will automatically get assigned to that new area, too.

Make Use Of The Autonautopedia

The Autonautopedia is like the Wikipedia of Autonauts, where you will find information on everything available in the game. You can open it by using the TAB menu and searching for the item you need to research. It contains all information on how to get the item, what it does, and ways to use it. When you get the hang of it, you can also hold the ALT button and hover your cursor over an item to see what you can do with that item.

Untouched Items Will Disappear Over Time

When you leave your items untouched for some time or forget to gather the produced resources, they will disappear over time, and restoring them is impossible. Make sure you keep tabs on your leftover stuff for them not to get despawned. Touch the items from time to time, or put one of your bots on duty to touch them for you. This way you won't lose valuable resources while you are focusing on something else.

Constructing and Moving Buildings

You can complete the building process much easier by placing the blueprints of the buildings near the storage area. This way, the bots will be quick with constructing the building without needing to travel to the construction area far away from the storage one.

Furthermore, you can then move the building to the area of your choice by deleting the building. It does not delete the building completely but adds it to the storage. Start building it again in the area you want, and it will appear fully rebuilt.

Beware that you cannot move upgraded buildings with this technique. A fully upgraded construction will get deleted entirely, and you will have no blueprint for it. However, you can get the blueprint using the copy command in the bottom right.

Slow Down And Take Your Time

One of the best tips for newer players is to take your time with the game and focus on one thing at a time. When progressing through the tiers fast, make sure you are ready for the next one.

If you fail at progressing further and don't have the products needed for that tier, use the items from the previous ones. The game does not punish the players for taking their time or failing to provide for their civilization.

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