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In Back 4 Blood, you'll need all hands on deck to clean up the streets and drive back The Ridden. The spiritual successor to Valve's Left 4 Dead holds a lot in common with the zombie-blasting co-op title, seeing you equip yourself with various guns or melee weapons to take on the undead hordes in five short chapters per campaign.

One of the characters you can play is doomsday prepper-turned-badass, Hoffman. He might look like Jack Black cosplaying as Dwight from The Office, but don't let his taped-up glasses fool you. Here's how to play Hoffman like a pro.

Hoffman's Character Traits

Before you go leaping into the game and perusing the different Cleaners, you'll need to know a bit more about them. Frequently regarded as one of the strongest Cleanersd for both solo and co-op players alike, Hoffman's strengths lie in his ability to support others, scavenge for useful offensive tools, and cut those Ridden down like wheat.

His four core traits back this up:

Hoffman's Traits

Always Prepared

Chance to find ammo or offensive accessories (like grenades) after killing a Ridden.

Ready To Rock

Extra offensive tool slot.

Cargo Pockets

15 percent extra team ammo capacity.

Never Without

Start each level of the run with an ammo pouch.

Hoffman's natural affinity for a strong offensive approach, as well as his passive ammo capacity buff, have made him an invaluable part of any veteran squad. At the same time, his consistent stream of extra ammo and auxiliary weapons makes Hoffman well-suited to newbies who don't want to risk running dry beyond the gates of Fort Hope.

Best Card Build For Hoffman

We've already established Hoffman's excellent potential as both a team player and a solo source of brute strength, so you'll want to choose cards that both bolster his skills and fill in the gaps.

Don't skimp on the Tactics and Defense cards in your build, since these are two areas that Hoffman is vulnerable to. In that same vein, don't worry too much about extra ammo cards; we promise you'll never run out of bullets in Back 4 Blood, even without Hoffman's keen eye!

Here are ten cards to keep in your hand that are sure to form a solid foundation for your Hoffman build:

Superior Cardio

Shooting Gloves

Run & Gun

Second Chance

Confident Killer

Combat Knife

Hi Vis Sights

Ridden Slayer


Cross Trainers

How To Choose The Best Cards For Hoffman In Back 4 Blood

Superior Cardio and Cross Trainers will fortify Hoffman's reflexes, upping not only your stamina and speed but even giving you a five percent health boost. This is useful considering Hoffman's tendency to be well-prepped in terms of weaponry, but without the agility that comes a little more naturally to others.

Confident Killer makes it even more rewarding to cut down as many Mutations: you'll earn one percent extra damage strength per special Ridden killed by yourself or your teammates. This is capped at 15 percent, but that is still a more than fruitful use of card space.

Finally, make Hoffman that much more nimble on his feet with the help of Shooting Gloves and Run & Gun. The former will allow you to swap guns with an extra 25 percent speed buff and give you 15 percent better accuracy whilst aiming down your sights. Pair this with Run & Gun, and Hoffman will be a sprinting killing machine in no time.

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