Battlefield 2042 Is Getting Rid Of 128 Player Breakthrough

Battlefield 2042 is getting some more quality-of-life improvements as developer Dice has announced the launch date of the game's 4.1 version update. Starting from May 19, players can expect to see more fixes and balance changes for certain weapons and specialists. However, the big talking point in this update is the removal of 128-player Breakthrough from All-Out Warfare playlists.

Dice talked a bit about the mode's removal in a blog post shared earlier today, explaining that Breakthrough will now only support 64 players as it feels like 128 modes are "better suited for Conquest" and that 64 players will represent "a more tactical experience." Dice also explains that it feels the chaos and carnage in 128 Breakthrough doesn't suit the mode very well either, resulting in the scale back.

In addition to the removal, Battlefield 2042 will make changes to specific maps in Breakthrough on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. Discarded, Manifest, Orbital, and Kaleidoscope will all be played on the 128 player versions whereas Hourglass, Breakaway, and Renewal will be scaled back to their 64 player versions. This is likely in order to stop certain maps from feeling too big now that the player count has been halved.

As you might expect, this news hasn't gone down too well, with some still calling for refunds. You may recall that earlier this year a petition demanding refunds from EA reached a whopping 120,000 signatures in a very short space of time. Granted, the petition led to nothing as most video game-related petitions usually do, but it was a good indicator as to just how irritated the Battlefield 2042 community was and still is.

However, a tag on the game's Xbox store listing recently seemed to suggest that it may be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon as EA and Dice will undoubtedly use the service in an attempt to turn the game around. Most multiplayer titles have done pretty well by launching on Game Pass, one of which is Back 4 Blood which amassed over 6 million players in two weeks.

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