Battlefield 2042: Mackay Specialist Guide

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Battlefield 2042 features ten Specialists at launch, each with a unique gadget and passive. While most of the Specialists fulfill a particular class role from previous installments, a few carve their own niche. Webstar Mackay firmly sits in that latter category.

Mackay's focus is on mobility. His Grappling Hook gadget and passive allow him to fling across rooftops or close the gap to an enemy with ease. A good Mackay player can be a nightmare to fight against, using their gadget to reposition quickly. This guide will give a quick overview of how Mackay works, what his gadget and passive do, and some tips on how to make the most out of his Grappling Hook.

Mackay Specialist Overview

GadgetGrappling Hook: Allows unrivaled mobility
PassiveNimble: Move faster while aiming & on ziplines
UnlockedLevel 15

Mackay's staple is his Grappling Hook gadget. This weapon deploys a hook that will propel Mackay toward it, allowing him to traverse great distances or up vertical surfaces. It can be used in medium-range and has a relatively short cooldown. Players might also notice his Nimble passive while in combat, as his movement speed while aiming and on ziplines is increased slightly. Strafing speed is a significant boon for 1v1 gunfights, especially benefiting console players. Overall, Mackay is a highly mobile Specialist that's best used for surprise attacks.

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Gadget And Passive

Grappling Hook

Mackay has a unique Grappling Hook gadget that will propel him in a certain direction. You can connect it to any solid surface from up to 32 meters away. While grappling, you can use your movement input to slightly control where Mackay is going, allowing you to slingshot past your Grappling Hook if used correctly. Should you miss, a short animation will play where Mackay will reload the Grappling Hook launcher. This ability has a very short cooldown.

During a grapple, you can swap weapons at any time to prematurely end the ability, keeping your momentum. Jumping right as you land will propel you even further than usual, allowing Mackay to traverse short distances with ease. Get comfortable timing these weapon swaps to maximize the distance you can travel with this gadget.


You'll passively move faster while aiming when playing as Mackay. Ziplines scattered across 2042's various maps will also move a little quicker. The strafe speed increase is noticeable but not game-changing. Console players that rely heavily on movement to aim will appreciate this passive much more than mouse and keyboard users.

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Tips And Tricks

  • Swap weapons mid-grapple to propel yourself forward. Jump right afterward to maintain some of that momentum.
  • You can grapple onto moving vehicles, keeping pace with their current speed.
  • For whatever reason, smoke emitted from Smoke Grenades is a viable anchor location for the Grappling Hook.
  • C5 pairs well with the Grappling Hook. Propel yourself to an enemy vehicle, plant some C5, then detonate to land some easy kills.

    • Use EMP Grenades to make this process even safer.
  • As an attacker in Breakthrough, Mackay is an excellent Specialist for deploying Insertion Beacons. Grapple up to the enemy objective from an unsuspecting angle, then plant a spawn beacon.

    • This strategy is especially useful for objectives located on rooftops.
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