Battletoads comes back to Xbox One as a three-player beat-em up

Alright. Battletoads! Microsoft showed off more of what we can expect when the cult-hit IP reboots on Xbox One. But we didn’t get a launch date. So will Gamestop still be around when you call to ask if they have it?

Otherwise, this looks markedly different from the Battletoads you may remember on NES, which launched 28 years ago this month. Makers Dlala Studios are promising three-player couch co-op for the side-scrolling beat-em-up redux.

Visually, Battletoads is returning with a hand-animated style for heroes Rash, Pimple and Zitz, and baddies like Porkshank. And yes, the dreaded jet-ski level is back to provoke everyone’s git-gud id — although the one shown in this trailer is from a different perspective and looks a little easier? It has to be. They can’t make something that hard again.

Battletoads has been teased and coyly hinted at for years now, but most recently showed up in 2015 with the Rare Replay anthology of classic games.

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