Bayonetta 3 – Chapter 12: The Edge of Madness Walkthrough

Chapter 12 in Bayonetta 3, titled The Edge Of Madness, takes place in Paris once more. Like the previous chapter, there are nine verses for you to complete, as well as five Bewitchments and three Umbran Tears. If you need help completing every verse in this chapter, you've come to the right place.

In this guide, we are going to go over how to complete chapter 12. At this point, you are almost at the end of the game, with just two more main story chapters left. Being this close to the end, you can bet that there is a lot of excitement waiting for you in this chapter.

Verse #1

From the starting point of this chapter, simply turn around to find verse one, which is a combat challenge.

For this challenge, you will need to use the Umbran Clock Tower to defeat Castellanus in a limited amount of time. The tower can be a bit difficult to maneuver if you haven't used it too often, so we recommend checking out its informational panels to learn what to do. During this section, you will have access to an infinite magic area as well.

  • Enemies: Castellanus

Verse #2

Back in Paris, go forward from the starting location of the chapter. Verse two will begin once you make it to a clearing. The enemies here are nothing new, so you should easily be able to take them out.

  • Enemies: Strarus, Nebulosus, Lucanosus, Opacus

Verse #3

Once you are done with verse two, head to the right where you can find a tiny alley with clouds next to it. At the end of this alley, you can find an angel portal, which marks verse three.

Here, you will fight Valiance, who has three health bars. This angel has a huge sword that can seriously hurt you, but thankfully, it's not very quick, so you should be able to dodge its attacks.

  • Enemies: Valiance

Verse #4

This is a verse that will trigger when you follow along the main path. This verse has a brand-new enemy, called Duplicatus. As its name suggests, it can duplicate itself. Although this might sound intimidating, you can quickly destroy them all by using your demon summons.

  • Enemies: Duplicatus

Verse #5

Eventually, you will come across the Gates of Hell record player. From here, take a right down a pathway that leads to a combat challenge next to a cloud.

For this challenge, you cannot touch the floor or take damage. Fortunately, rather than killing enemies, you just need to survive. Focus on surviving, rather than taking out enemies.

  • Enemies: Genitus, Cavum, Stratus

Verse #6

From the Gates of Hell, go forward on the main path, where verse six will automatically trigger.

This section requires you make your way through enemies in a small hallway, where you cannot summon your demons. The enemies in this section are soldiers-turned-zombies and are quite easy to pick off.

You don't have to kill these zombies, but you will get a Bewitchment if you do.

  • Enemies: Zombie Soldiers

Verse #7

Exiting the underground tunnel, you will watch a short (and strange) cutscene, and then take control of Gomorrah. As Gomorrah, you will plow through enemies on the ground and in the sky.

This section is rather straightforward; just be sure to constantly attack.

  • Enemies: More Zombies!

Verse #8

Verse eight begins right after verse seven. Here, you will fight against the French Bayonetta, who favors ranged attacks with the Abracadabra weapon. For the first phase of this verse, you will need need to fight and chip away at her health.

After around one and a half bars are gone, French Bayonetta will send out Mictlantecuhtli to attack you. Gomorrah is a good demon to summon during this fight, due to the height at which they stand.

  • Enemies: French Bayonetta, Mictlantecuhtli

Verse #9

Now, we are on to the final verse of chapter 12! This is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Rather than fighting enemies head-on, you will essentially participate in a rhythm game with Baal Zebul. This verse is quite simple but very fun to play through.

After Baal Zebul has finished singing, you are done with chapter 12.


Below, you can find every Bewitchment possible to obtain in this chapter.



#1 – Destroy 5 Buses

Buses litter this chapter; just attack and destroy at least five buses. You can do this quickly with demons.

#2 – Defeat this world's Bayonetta with the Umbran Clock Tower equipped

During verse eight, use the Umbran Clock Tower summon.

#3 – Finish Baal Zebul's performance without taking damage

In verse nine, try not to miss a single note.

#4 – Defeat all enemies in the underground tunnel

During the zombie-soldier portion in verse six, kill every enemy that stands in your way.

#5 – Knock down a helicopter while riding Gomorrah

While controlling Gomorrah in verse seven, use an attack to hit a helicopter. This is really easy to do, and will probably naturally happen.

Umbran Tears Of Blood

Finally, here are the locations for the three Umbran Tears of Blood found throughout the chapter.



Umbran Crow

From the location of verse three, you can find the crow on a rock near a gated doorway.

Umbran Toad

Right before verse four, you will be on a ruined street, with a steep cliff on the left side. Looking down from here, you will be able to see a small platform which holds the toad.

Umbran Cat

After verse four, head towards the Gates of Hell record player. From here, head to the path on the left, sloping downward. The cat will be at the very end of the path.

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