Beacon Pines: All Charm Locations & Turning Point Solutions in Chapters 5 & 6

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The mystery of Beacon Pines continues to unravel in the fifth chapter, which ramps up in a number of compelling ways. As Luka and Beck continue to investigate the legacy of the Valentine family and Beacon Pines, you’ll once again need to find the town’s hidden charms to rewrite your story.

Chapters Five and Six contain a few charms to find and some new Turning Point puzzles to solve to reach the final section of the game, including a brief sojourn through some previous chapter Turning Points. Once you’ve finished this chapter, you’ll find yourself quickly progressing towards the endgame of Beacon Pines.

All Charm Locations In Chapter 5 & 6

There aren’t many new Charm words in these chapters of Beacon Pines, but they’re all essential to uncover in order to progress. As always, they’re hidden in various places throughout the game’s detailed landscape backgrounds. However, you’ll also receive them just by talking to NPCs or reaching certain points in the story.

Although you’ll be positioned deliberately by the story to find some of these charms, some of them aren’t as obvious. If you’re unsure about where to uncover the next charm, here’s all the locations. If you’re looking for a specific charm that isn’t on this list, you may only be able to find it by going back to one of the previous chapters.

Charm WordHow To Obtain
WeepAfter falling out with Rolo, return home and mess around with a football until Luka acknowledges their true feelings. You’ll gain the Weep charm.
AcceptAfter Luka talks to their Gran about Rolo, you’ll gain the Accept charm.
HardAfter solving Rolo’s riddles in Chapter Six (head to the Library first, and you’ll be told what to do from there), you’ll receive the Hard charm.
FlightAfter getting the Hard charm and meeting Rolo in the town square, you’ll get the Flight charm.
IncendiaryAfter investigating the secret room in the new version of Chapter Six, you’ll gain the Incendiary charm.
CrookedAfter entering the frozen version of Beacon Pines after branching the M.C.D.C turning point, examine the 'crooked' sign in the middle of the town to get the Crooked charm.
HumTalk to Kerr not long after to finding the Crooked charm to get the Hum charm.

All Turning Point Solutions In Chapter 5 & 6

Although there are no turning points in Chapter Five, there are some in Chapter Six. After completing the scavenger hunt and making up with Rolo to repair their friendship with Luka, you’ll find the duo suddenly encased in ice. This will bring the story to a very abrupt end, which the narrator refuses to accept, allowing you to return to an earlier Turning Point.

Wether Weather

Making sure to do things differently from the last time you went through this Turning Point event, this time, you’ll need to use the Break charm (instead of Rumble) to make sure that it doesn’t rain.

This will cause Beck to accompany you on your mystery investigation, and avoid a falling out with Rolo. This will also create an alternate version of Chapter Six, which will involve a more thorough investigation and eventually lead into Chapter Seven, where the aspects of the mystery finally start to get resolved.


However, after the big freeze in Chapter Six, there's also another way to get out: you can return to the M.C.D.C event in Chapter Four and use your new Flight charm to flee the scene. This will land Luka and Iggy in a frozen version of Beacon Pines, which is where you'll find the other two possible charms in this chapter: Crooked and Hum.

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