Best Battlefield 2042 Auto Shotgun Attachments

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  • Best Auto Shotgun Attachments In Battlefield 2042

The Auto Shotgun is severely underrated in Battlefield 2042. Stick a scope on it and an Extended Mag and you easily have one of the most reliable and overpowered weapons in the game. Yep, seriously.

This attachment guide covers everything you need to turn the Auto Shotgun into a total powerhouse. There is a bit of grinding required to get to the extended mag (the most important part) but once you've got it the gun is a lot of fun to use.

Best Auto Shotgun Attachments In Battlefield 2042

There are two key things you need for the Auto shotty: the extended magazine and a decent sight. Once you've got these the rest sort of falls into place. The gun has great range, versatility, and overall is loads of fun to use for big flank modes, like Breakthrough. Here's a rundown of the best attachments.

  • Sight – Something with a bit of range, like the 2x. Yep. No joke. The Auto Shotgun actually has decent medium-range capabilities, so try it.
  • Ammo Extended Magazine (Drum, 20 rounds) is absolutely necessary. You can get up to 20 rounds in a mag, which is enough to shred through multiple players.
  • Barrel – Nothing here, just the factory barrel as standard.
  • Underbarrel – Laser Sight, the underrated hipfire godlike attachment that will improve your shotgun clean-ups massively. You can get a lot out of your hipfire.

The Auto Shotgun is the flanker's dream. Get behind the enemy and you can shred large groups apart with the fast fire rate and an extra drum magazine. It seems like the range of the shotgun is ridiculous as well, so don't be afraid to take shots from range.

Tips – Remember to switch out your magazines to reload your gun, run a Specialist like Sundance to get behind enemies, and don't forget to make the most of your hipfire.

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