Best Battlefield 2042 PKP Attachments

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The PKP was overlooked at the start of 2042's life cycle but has now well and truly cemented itself as one of the most reliable weapons in the game. You can use it to sit pretty with a Bipod in a game of Breakthrough or run around the map going wild with its massive mag size and decent damage output.

There are a couple of different ways to roll with the PKP, and we'll cover those here. This guide will include the best attachments for different PKP loadouts, as well as some tips for general play with the weapon.

Best PKP Attachments – Long Range Bipod

This is not a style of play we've ever really enjoyed in previous Battlefield games, but there's something about the scale of 2042 that works well for finding a neat spot and setting up with a Bipod. The PKP can totally shred on objective-focused modes, like Breakthrough.

  • Sight – Something with a bit of range, like the TV 2x or the Shan 2.5x. You won't need more range than that unless you're tap firing (which isn't a terrible idea with the PKP and Bipod, to be fair).
  • Ammo – Keep it High-Power/Extended as standard. You might want to pick up the Armor Piercing rounds at 240 kills – the Bipod can rip through vehicles, especially Hovercrafts and Jeeps.
  • Barrel – Warhawk Compensator for recoil control.
  • Underbarrel – The Bipod comes as standard on the PKP.

Best PKP Attachments – Run And Gun

The second of our two PKP loadouts is the run-and-gun build, designed for moving around a lot more. You can still utilize the Bipod when necessary.

  • Sight – The Fusion Holo or the XDR Holo are our preferred sights. The XDR gives you a great view as you work toward the 330 kills needed for the Fusion.
  • AmmoStandard Issue. You want to control recoil as much as possible as you won't be using the Bipod to the PKP's advantage.
  • Barrel – Warhawk Compensator – this is just our barrel attachment of choice when tested against other barrel attachments.
  • Underbarrel – The Bipod comes as standard on the PKP.
Tips: use Angel with the PKP to slot into that classic Battlefield support role. You could also use Boris for extra spotting or Irish for the deployable cover, ideal for setting up a defensible position with the Bipod.

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