Best TAQ 56 Loadouts In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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  • TAQ-56 Loadout: All Rounder

Let's dive into the TAQ 56, Modern Warfare 2's answer to the SCAR from previous games. This is a 556-chambered weapon with two other variants, the TAQ-M and the TAQ-V. In its base form, the TAQ is an all-rounder assault rife with decent damage and plenty of versatility.

This loadout is our go-to for regular multiplayer – it's a well-rounded build that works on improving the TAQ's medium range without sacrificing too much close-quarters potential. We'll also cover our favorite perks for this loadout, as well as a secondary weapon and field upgrade.

TAQ-56 Loadout: All Rounder

The TAQ-56 is a punchy weapon with some benefits compared to either the Kastov or M4. We're mostly talking about damage to recoil ratio. With the Kastov you've got a lot of damage, but it's hard to control at range, whereas the M4 has plenty of accuracy and recoil control, but without the 3-4 shot kill damage. The TAQ fits neatly between the two other weapons. Let's take a look at this loadout. Attachments first.

MuzzleCorvus Slash Gen.2We've gone for the Corvus here for its Recoil Steadiness – really the biggest issue with the TAQ. You could go for the VLK Koloss Flash for both Steadiness and Stability, but the tradeoff means less Steadiness.
UnderbarrelVX Pineapple GripOne of our favorite grips in the game so far, the Pineapple gives you some decent hipfire ability while also improving recoil steadiness.
SightRed DotThis is really up to personal preference, but we believe you can't really go wrong with a classic Cronen Red Dot.
Barrel14.5" TundraNot many options for barrels on the base TAQ-56, and out of the two available, the 14.5" proves to be more valuable. Better range and bullet velocity are decent, if you're willing to sacrifice the ADS speed.
Rear GripDemo CleanshotThe Demo Clean Shot rounds off the build with some decent Sprint to Fire buffs and ADS speed buffs.

Overall, the TAQ is well-rounded, and the choice between the different ARs really comes down to personal preference. Let's take a look at the perks and other parts of the loadout that really make this kit pop.

Best Perks

Even though this build assumes you will be playing just a little slower, we still think Double Time is completely necessary for its extra mobility. Alongside that, depending on the game mode you're getting in to, you might want to pick up Scavenger, Battle Hardened, or go for the extra weapon with Overkill. If you are picking up a second weapon, go for a Shotgun. Super satisfying.

Equipment And Field Upgrade

For our equipment, we've gone for the Semtex and Flash Grenade to keep it classic. This should change depending on what sort of game mode you're in.

For our Field Upgrade we usually take Deployable Cover – we think it's pretty good and a bit buggy, which makes a perfect combination. However, if you're not about holding down rooms in Headquarters, you can grab another Field Upgrade like Portable Radar or Dead Silence.

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