Biomutant: Every Class Explained

Biomutant is no slouch when it comes to build variety. With six breeds, five classes, and dozens of unique weapons, you’re free to craft a furry character that matches your preferred playstyle. Want to run around with a shotgun all game? Go for. Prefer using magic to light up your foes with a kaleidoscope of colors? You can do that too.

Before you get excited about all the combat options, you’ll need to hone in on which class is best for your playstyle. Each class comes with its own set of perks, and choosing the right one is critical to enjoying your time with Biomutant. Here’s what you need to know about all classes in Biomutant before getting started.

Dead-Eye: A Ranged Weapon Expert

The Dead-Eye class provides you with the Perfect Reload trait, automatically reloading your magazine and increasing its damage by 20%. They’re a great fit for a pure ranged weapon build, and give the Commando class a run for its money when it comes to the most powerful ranged class in Biomutant.

Opt for the Primal breed with this class, and you’ll have a nimble sharpshooter that’s capable of launching some devastating Psi-Powers in between barrages of lead. Or, you can go with the underrated Murgel for increased Critical Chance and Loot Chance.

Commando: Deadly From Afar

Thinking about going all-in on ranged weapons? Consider building out a Commando. This class is among the best in ranged combat, with its Fury trait conferring a 10% damage boost to all ranged attacks. Whether you’re using a shotgun or an automatic rifle, you’ll benefit from the increased damage output.

Depending on your specific playstyle, several breeds can be a good fit for the Commando class. If you don’t mind avoiding melee weapons altogether, consider the Primal breed for their increased Energy Regen and Critical Chance. Or, you can opt for the Hyla breed for a tanky, shotgun-toting powerhouse.

Psi-Freak: It’s All About Magic

As Biomutant’s mage, the Psi-Freak is hands-down the best class for channeling all sorts of fire, electric, and biohazard-based skills. Their Megamind trait will boost your Ki-Energy Regen by 20% so you can sling spells at a faster rate, while the Spark Ball trait lets you throw an electric orb at nearby enemies.

Not surprisingly, Psi-Freaks pair well with the Fip breed. The Intellect-based class meshes well with the increased Energy Regen, Power, and Critical Chance granted to Fips, and you’d be hard-pressed to find another pairing if you’re looking to craft a magic-based build.

Saboteur: Basically A Rogue

The Saboteur is arguably the most agile class in the game. Its Hypergenetic trait reduces your Dodge Energy cost by a massive 20% and makes it easy to quickly flit between opponents. You’ll also benefit from Twin Silver Grip – letting you equip two different one-handed melee weapons from the start of the game.

The Dumdon breed is a perfect fit for a Saboteur build, as they benefit from a massive increase in Melee Damage, although its offset with a slight decrease in Critical Chance. And – despite being a fairly balanced breed – we’d recommend staying away from a Saboteur build using the Rex breed, as they see a massive decrease in their Melee Damage.

Sentinel: You Gotta Be Tough

If you’re looking to mix up your playstyle throughout your time with Biomutant, the Sentinel class is an excellent choice. The defensive class doesn’t come with abilities specific to Psi-Powers, ranged, or melee weapons, instead granting a Toughness perk – boosting your Base Armor by 10.

Because of this, Sentinels are a great fit for all breeds – although you might find the most success when pairing it with a Hyla. This breed trades a bit of Intellect for more armor and combing its innate durably with a Sentinel’s increased Base Armor sets you up nicely for building out a character that easily soaks up damage.

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