BioWare Is Setting The Modding Community "Up For Success" With Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

The entire Mass Effect trilogy has long since been ported to PC, and as with everything on PC, there’s a thriving modding community that has been built up around these ports. Some of them are quite ambitious, such as the Priority Earth Overhaul Mod that seeks to completely redo the entire final mission of Mass Effect 3 (which even BioWare still has mixed emotions about).

When Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was announced, Priority Earth Overhaul’s project lead tweeted out that the new version doesn’t change any of their plans. PEOM is still not quite finished, and Orokin has no plans to scrap the mod just because Legendary Edition arrives in May.

Asked whether or not PEOM might be ported to the new remaster, Orokin responded, “Doubtful. But it depends entirely on how @macwalterslives structured the games.”

Mass Effect Legendary Edition director Mac Walters actually responded to Orikin’s comment with some hopeful words for Mass Effect modders.

“We’ve been in touch with a few in the modding community to learn how best to a) update everyone on changes that will impact existing mods, and b) set the modding community up for success going forward,” said Walters. “It’s ongoing, and we’ll discuss in more detail by launch.”

It doesn’t sound like Walters is making Mass Effect: Legendary Edition explicitly compatible with older mods, but it does sound like he’s going to explicitly tell the modding community what the differences are between the old games and the new one and maybe even provide some resources for modders to make ports of their old mods.

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