Black Desert Mobile Constellations Update Gives You Another Way To Level Your Character

Pearl Abyss today released the Constellation update for Black Desert Mobile. This new feature sees up to six characters from your Family facing off against hordes of monsters to earn special rewards, loads of silver, and an opportunity to level up your AP, DP, and Max Energy.

The family-based content launched with three Constellations – Sealing Stone, Hammer, and Shield – each of which comes with its own rewards and challenges. One of the most compelling reasons to dive into the new content is for the AP and DP gains – which should provide you with an overall boost to your CP.

Constellations aren’t aimed towards new adventurers. Instead, you’ll need to have pumped a significant amount of game time into Black Desert Mobile if you’re hoping to check them out. Constellations are locked behind the ‘Faded Constellation’ storyline, which unlocks after you meet the following criteria:

  • Character Awakening or Ascension
  • CP 6,000 and higher
  • Completed family quest ‘Awaken, Black Spirit’

Once that’s all taken care of, you’ll be able to access the new Stars tab on the main menu. Exchange 100 Adventure Tokens and you can dive into any of the unlocked content.

Up to six family characters can join in on the action, with the team receiving buffs for each member still alive.

Beyond Knowledge and various AP and DP upgrades, you’ll also be able to pick up the following rewards:

  • Black Spirit’s Elion Rune
  • [Mystical-Primal] Elion Rune Chest
  • [Epic-Abyssal] Elion Rune Chest
  • Grand Weapon Black Stone
  • Refined Black Crystal Bundle
  • Awakening/Ascension Skillbook
  • Silver
  • Ancient Gold Coin

Today’s update brings a few other changes, including bug fixes for Kzarka Shrine, Camp, and the Skills Window. Detailed patch notes can be found here.

Pearl Abyss ended the announcement with a sneak peek at an event dropping on April 13 – apparently, the first player in each region to finish the upcoming quest will earn a special reward and title.

For now, you’ll have the new Constellations to work through, along with a corresponding Constellation Table Collection Event.

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