Black Desert Mobile Players Want The "Useless" Login Rewards Changed In 2021

Black Desert Mobile is constantly changing, giving players new ways to enhance their characters on a fairly regular basis. However, the daily login rewards haven’t kept pace – and some players want to see them changed in the future.

Login Rewards in Black Desert Mobile are meant to give players an incentive to check back in every single day. And, the longer you play each day, the more rewards you’ll earn. The free items top out after three hours of game time, something that’s surprisingly easy to achieve thanks to Black Desert Mobile’s AFK-friendly playstyle. Rewards also change based on your Black Spirit Level, meaning all players should benefit from Pearl Abyss’ daily rewards.

Unfortunately, that no longer holds true after so many changes in the past year.

A recent Reddit post highlighted how “obsolete and useless” the current allotment of Login Rewards feel after so many content updates. Without diving too deep into the weeds – Black Desert Mobile comes with a healthy dose of MMO jargon – the rewards you gain with a Black Spirit Level of 140 have become almost completely outdated. “Level up your Black Spirit to 140 to get the same useless awards that deliver 0.001 or something in upgrading your gear,” wrote one commenter. In other words, sticking around to earn the Login Rewards isn’t a surefire way to level up your character. In fact, it probably won’t help you at all.

Pearl Abyss has been kicking out impressive updates for Black Desert Mobile throughout 2020, and it’s odd to see the archaic rewards still in place. After clocking three hours of playtime in a single day, you’d think Pearl Abyss would want to offer something meaningful to players – not only would people feel like their time is valued, but it would likely keep people logged into the game longer to nab the exclusive rewards. As it stands, the Login Rewards aren’t even a nice bonus – they’re basically pointless.

It’s been a while since the community saw any big changes to the Login Rewards but – if the Reddit thread continues to grow and players continue to voice their concerns – its possible we’ll see some changes in 2021.

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