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Blanc takes you — the wolf cub and the deer — on a journey across a breathtaking black-and-white landscape. Along the way, you work together to cross the terrain and help any animals you meet who are making the same journey. In Chapter 7, you meet a pair of goat kids who need some assistance.

Across both Chapter 7 and 8, you work together to help the goat kids traverse the land and get to their destination. There are some challenges along the way, so you might be wondering how to work with the environment to make a clear path. Here’s how to help the goat kids on their way.

How To Help The Goats In Chapter 7

When you begin Chapter 7, you’ll walk a short distance ahead and discover a playground covered in snow on the left. You’ll also hear the sounds of bleating. Keep going to the left of here, you’ll spot a pair of goat kids — one black and one white.

Move around a little, and you’ll notice that they mimic the wolf cub’s and the deer’s movements — the black one copies the wolf cub, and the white one copies the deer. They’ll also copy your actions, such as pushing and pulling items. This is the main mechanic of this section.

The goats will want to follow you, but there’s a box blocking their way. Make the deer push the ride in the playground, and the white goat will headbutt the box, pushing it out of the way and making an opening.

Once the goats are in the next small area, make the wolf cub pull on the ride. Now, the black goat will tug on the nearby circular block, making a step for the goats to jump on. The goats will jump on this and onto the nearby roof, then down to the other side.

There’s another box for the black goat to pull here, so make the wolf cub pull on the ride once again. Next, make the deer push the ride. The white goat will headbutt the box forward. Push the ride again and the goat will headbutt it off the ledge and onto the ground below.

Head out of the playground to where the box fell. Make the wolf cub pull on the box, and then have the deer push it up against the wall. If you’re the deer, jump on the box and kneel to help the wolf cub jump up and into the next section.

The goats should follow you from where they are above, but they’ll come to a dead end and need you to make a passage for them. You should notice a rope dangling nearby, next to a small ledge. Have the deer kneel in front of this ledge, allowing the wolf cub to jump up. As the wolf cub, cut the rope. A pipe will fall, making a bridge for the goats to cross over.

Carry on walking down the road until the goats can’t walk any further. Just ahead, you’ll notice a construction platform and a box nearby, ready to be pushed. Simply have the deer push the box down — the goats should now be able to safely walk across above you.

Continue on, jumping over the bar blocking your path. You’ll reach an area with a couple of buildings and a wall winding around the edge. Head to the beginning of the wall, where there are some steps you can jump up.

The wolf cub will need help, so have the deer kneel and allow it to jump up first. The goats should be following you on the opposite edge of the area.

It’s possible for the black goat to become stuck in this section and not follow you the entire way across the pipe to the end. If this happens, just retrace your steps back to the start and try again.

Follow the wall around until you reach another piece of construction that’s blocking your way. Above, you’ll see a narrow ledge. Send the wolf cub up here and there will be a prompt to pull the blockage. The deer should go beneath here and enter the blockage, ready to push from the inside.

The goats should have followed you around to this section and will help you push the construction blockage out of the way, allowing you to progress to the next chapter.

How To Help The Goats In Chapter 8

After helping the goats through Chapter 7, they will now be alongside you. In this first area, jump down the gap in the railings and onto the pipe. Hop down the two pipes below and onto the ground. Head over to the pipes in the back and jump on one of the two pipes next to each other. You’ll need the deer to help the wolf cub and the goats up the big jump.

The goats might jump back down again. Just head back down and get them to jump up using the deer again if this happens.

The deer can jump straight onto the ledge over the fence to the right, but the wolf cub and the goats will need to go around the back of the pipes, jumping across two small pipes and onto the large one. If you’re the wolf cub, jump up to the pipe above and onto the roof. Now, the deer and the wolf cub, along with the goats, should be walking parallel to each other.

Continue on until you reach a beam of wood that’s positioned at an angle. If you’re playing as the deer, hop onto the end on your side. If you’re the wolf, jump onto the top of it on your side. The beam should move, allowing the deer to hop onto the gap between the fencing on the nearby wall. Jump down and continue, and you’ll reunite with the wolf cub and the goats.

Turn the corner and head towards the building in the distance. Going right, you’ll see a door, but you’re unable to open it. Just below on the right, there are some pipes. Jump onto these and walk along, jumping when necessary.

Towards the end, a cutscene will trigger where the pipe breaks and the black goat falls. After the cutscene, it gets up again, but both goats refuse to travel with you any longer. You must go on without them to the north to continue to the next chapter.

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