Bloober Team Is Co-Producing A Medium TV Series

Bloober Team has announced the upcoming Medium TV series that will be created in close partnership with Platige Image. The project's cast and the plot are still under wraps, but we learned some famous names already attached to the adaptation.

Polish developer known for Layers of Fear, Observer, and Blair Witch has detailed the Medium series through its official website. The project will be led by Tomasz Bagiński, known as the executive producer of Netflix's The Witcher series. He also previously worked on various CGI trailers for CDPR's Witcher games as well as Cyberpunk 2077's very first teaser.

Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno is also heavily involved, pointing out such hits as Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Arcane as for the references of how modern video game adaptations can push the limits of the original product. "The story we told in the game was appreciated by players, and now more people will be able to hear about it," Babieno said (translated from Polish). "The whole team working on the concept for the series felt they were working on something special; we hope that this enthusiasm will be visible in the quality of the series."

To get a taste of how the future adaptation might turn out, look no further than the suspenseful live-action Medium trailer above, created by Platige Image a year ago. It was also written and produced by Tomasz Bagiński and closely follows the game's original story.

The creators seem confident that the upcoming adaptation will find its fans all around the world. "The combination of Tomasz Bagiński and Piotr Babieno talent is the best that gaming and film lovers could meet. The creativity […] and our experience gained while creating dozens of international productions are a guarantee of success," Platige Image president Karol Żbikowski said.

According to the signed contract between Platige Image and Bloober Team, the budget for the show will be covered equally by both parties. The creators did not specify how they plan to distribute the project, but we can expect one of the streaming companies to join eventually, Netflix as the obvious choice. No other details about the plot, possible cast, or a release date for The Medium series hasn't been specified just yet.

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