Bloodborne: Every NPC You Can Send To Oedon Chapel (& How)

The average FromSoftware game is set in an apocalyptic land on the cusp of total ruin, but Bloodborne’s Yharnam is in a league of its own. Danger lurks around every corner and what few NPCs who’ve locked themselves up in their homes are liable to die without any outside interference. Like Dark Souls before, Bloodborne is a game about solidarity – so don’t just leave survivors for death.

While Bloodborne does have its fair share of quest lines tied to NPCs in the same vein as its predecessors, quite a few survivors are hoarded up in their homes waiting for the hunt to pass. Of course, savvy players know it won’t, but there is a way to save Bloodborne’s few NPCs by directing them towards Oedon Chapel – arguably the last true safe haven in all of Yharnam.

Lonely Old Woman

The Lonely Old Woman will be the first survivor most Hunters will end up sending to Oedon Chapel. Her home is found by the dog pen in front of the sewer entrance in Central Yharnam, where an Infected Hound will be barking at her door.

  • Kill all the Infected Hounds in the area.
  • Speak to the Lonely Old Woman.
  • Direct her to Oedon Chapel.

Keep in mind that NPCs can only be sent to Oedon Chapel after Hunters have stepped foot in it at least once. On a first playthrough, you’ll have no choice but to turn her down (albeit at no consequence.) The Lonely Old Woman is initially very hostile on account of the hunt, but she’ll warm up to the player as bosses are defeated. Eventually, the Lonely Old Woman will start offering free Sedatives, even venturing out to find more on request.

Father Gascoigne’s Daughter

The first mandatory boss fight in Bloodborne, Father Gascoigne is a standout moment in the game. Gascoigne himself is one of the story’s more interesting characters, a Hunter turned mad by the time he’s fought. His daughter – located in a home by the Brick Trolls guarding the sewers – can even be sent to Oedon Chapel.

  • Speak to Gascoigne’s Daughter and agree to find her mother.
  • Defeat Father Gascoigne.
  • Find the Red Jeweled Brooch on the ledge above the boss arena.
  • Return to Gascoigne’s Daughter, but do not give her the Red Jeweled Brooch.
  • Direct her towards Oedon Chapel.
  • Kill the pig in the sewers and pick up the blood soaked ribbon.

Unfortunately, Father Gascoigne’s Daughter ends up killed by the pig lurking in the sewers on her way to Oedon Chapel. Worse, giving her the brooch just sets her off in search of her family, getting killed by the pig anyways. Should players visit the home after defeating Rom the Vacuous Spider, they can also condemn Gascoigne’s Older Daughter to her sister’s fate.


A Cathedral Ward prostitute, Arianna’s home is found right at the start of the area at a dead end. While amicable, Arianna can only be sent to Oedon Chapel after players have defeated three bosses or defeated at least one boss from the following areas: Cathedral Ward, Old Yharnam, Hemwick Charnel Lane, and Yahar’ Gul.

Realistically, though, most players will already have triggered the appropriate criteria to send Arianna to Oedon Chapel upon meeting her. Arianna teaches Hunters the Curtsy Gesture alone with offering vials of her blood which restore HP and speed up Stamina regeneration. Arianna can also be killed after defeating Micolash for One Third of Umbilical Cord – a key item for unlocking the true ending & final boss.

Skeptical Man

The Skeptical Man also lives in the Cathedral Ward – right across from Arianna’s home, in fact. Unlike most survivors, the Skeptical Man questions everything around him and will outright disregard any advice Hunters give him. As a result, simply sending him to Oedon Chapel isn’t enough to get him there.

  • Send Ariana to Oedon Chapel.
  • Visit Iosefka’s Clinic and agree to send people to Iosefka.
  • Send the Skeptical Man towards Iosefka’s Clinic.

Distrusting the Hunter, the Skeptical Man will instead head to Oedon Chapel where he’ll spend the rest of the game giving players contradictory information and generally being a pain. Curiously, the Skeptical Man is the only NPC not to psychologically snap in the second half, though this might just be because he’s so narrow minded.


While Adella also lives in the Cathedral Ward, she’s already been kidnapped by Snatchers by the time Hunters first arrive in the area. Players must allow a Snatcher to grab them and bring them to Hypogean Gaol. Only then will Hunters be able to speak with Adella and direct her to Oedon Chapel. That said, this is a fairly involved process.

  • Defeat the Blood-starved Beast.
  • Get defeated & kidnapped by any Snatcher.

Equip one of the following pieces of armor:

  • White Church Set
  • Black Church Set
  • Gascoigne’s Set
  • Choir Set
  • Tomb Prospector Set
  • Executioner Garb

Once equipped, players can speak to Adella and direct her to Oedon Chapel. Adella teaches the Church Bow Gesture and offers vials of her blood just like Arianna. Worth noting, however, Adella will kill Arianna out of jealous rage if you accept her blood three times.

Suspicious Beggar

Positioned by the Cannon in the Forbidden Woods, the Suspicious Beggar is an extremely dangerous NPC to send back to Oedon Chapel. Analogous to Yurt from Demon’s Souls, the Suspicious Beggar will kill any and all survivors at the Chapel, rendering players’ efforts null. Worse, the Suspicious Beggar is bound to be the last survivor Hunters find, giving him a perfect opportunity to pick off the rest.

The Suspicious Beggar will kill one NPC for every boss a Hunter defeats. If spoken to, he’ll actually give the player Beast Blood Pellets for everyone he kills, along with leaving any dropped items untouched. After killing every survivor, the Suspicious Beggar will simply leave the area, abandoning an empty Oedon Chapel. For anyone who doesn’t want the Beggar slaying everyone they’ve kept alive, either kill him on sight or send him towards Iosefka’s Clinic where he’ll get what he deserves.

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