Bloodborne is the best game ever and it’s a scandal it’s not on PS5

A reader is frustrated that Bloodborne still doesn’t have a dedicated PS5 version and is confused as to why Sony never talks about it.

I see a lot of people waiting for more news on God Of War Ragnarök, or the next big PlayStation 5 exclusive, but there’s only one word I want to hear from Sony: ‘Bloodborne’. There are many mysteries surrounding Sony’s future plans but the most mystifying for me is why they have completely ignored Bloodborne. There’s been no PlayStation 5 patch, no talk of remasters or remakes, and definitely nothing about a sequel. In short, they haven’t mentioned it all.

This is infuriating to me for two reasons: 1) it has some performance issues that could very easily be fixed by the PlayStation 5 and 2) it’s the best game ever.

You can run Bloodborne on the PlayStation 5, as an ordinary PlayStation 4 game, and this does help speed up the loading times, which were one of the big problems. But if there was a proper patch it would be even better, and it could help sort out some of the frame rate issues too, and make the whole thing 60fps. All of this, various hackers have shown, could be done with absolutely minimum effort – a few days’ work at best – and yet Sony has done nothing.

I’m sure they’re busy doing… something, but many other, lesser, games have had a similar patch and most of those came out in the first weeks of the PlayStation 5. It clearly wasn’t a big effort, and they didn’t even try to charge for them; they were just free updates to take advantage of the new hardware. So the idea that you’d do some and not others makes no sense.

Some people have suggested that Sony and developer FromSoftware must have had some kind of a falling out. That does make sense, in that it seems to fit the facts, except recently Sony invested in From as a company, so that’s obvious not true. In fact, it just makes it even odder that nothing else has happened.

They could maybe be holding back a remaster/remake for a big reveal but the problem with that is, as welcome as it would be, Bloodborne is hardly Sony’s biggest game, so it seems an odd thing to keep under wrap for so long. A remake doesn’t even make sense, as it’s not that old. A remaster maybe, but surely they’ve learnt form the outrage over Horizon: Zero Dawn that people are not in the mood to buy the same game twice.

Why it hasn’t happened yet I can’t say. Nobody can. It makes no sense on any level. The only thing I can possibly imagine is maybe there is a sequel on the way, and they had a remaster ready to come out a little before, but they both ended up getting delayed. But if so, why not just announce it anyway? Why the complete news blackout? But then you could say that about pretty much everything PlayStation related at the moment.

I do want to emphasise that the game absolutely deserves the attention though. It’s not hyperbole on my part, calling it the best game ever. I firmly believe it is. Better than Elden Ring and everything else From has done, better than Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and every other Nintendo game, better than anything Naughty Dog or Valve has done, better even than retro classics like Tetris or Tempest.

The basics are similar to Dark Souls and co. but faster, most aggressive, with better and more varied level design and monsters. Everything seems impossible until it’s not, every encounter is a challenge and its own reward, every exploration is rewarded, and every secret is just a gateway to another.

It’s an amazing game but the best thing of all is the atmosphere. Turning it on is like entering a dream; it feels real but unreal, almost suffocating in its oppressiveness and yet often strangely beautiful too. The story is easier to understand than usual with From and yet still filled with mysteries that are only hinted at, as you read item descriptions and try to make sense of the horrors around you.

It’s an amazing game and the best thing Sony has ever been involved with, so them just completely ignoring it feels criminal. It’s not even as if the original sold badly, they said it did better than expected at the time, but it’d be even better on PlayStation 5.

By reader Earnest

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