Bootleg Final Fantasy Music Found In Chuck E. Cheese Game

Arcade cabinets borrowing sounds isn’t exactly new – especially when it comes to ticket and prize games. Take a trip to your local arcade, and you’ll likely hear certain ticket games or claw machines making liberal use of sound effects found in other games.

However, this one’s pretty bold. Twitter user JRPGBook discovered a frankly terrifying animatronic game at their local Chuck E. Cheese called Dino Pop. While it doesn’t look much different from your typical kiddie prize game, listen to the cabinet’s audio.

Since Chuck E Cheese is trending for some reason, here’s a game I discovered at a local one playing a bootleg rendition of Final Fantasy’s Chocobo theme

— JRPG Book (@JRPGBook) November 16, 2020

That’s right – it’s a variant of the iconic Chocobo theme from Final Fantasy, and a pretty liberal use of it at that. However, it gets weirder, as a commenter shared a clip from another Dino Pop cabinet with different audio.

The original upload is by a company called Amusement Warehouse – a South African company that seems to be the manufacturers of these things. Take a listen:

That’s right – it’s the Golden Saucer music, just played in the same style as the other cab’s Chocobo Theme.

This is a strange find, no doubt, and it makes us question where the OP’s Chuck E. Cheese even got one of these. The most I could find is the Dino Pop cabinet is sold by one UNISGames, who offers it for on their site. It is, however, sold out at the moment.

UNIS also has an unlisted video demonstrating the product.

From the info on hand, my guess is that a Chuck E. Cheese was filling out their inventory of cabinets from a wholesaler. That wholesaler, likely a company like UNIS, probably buys bulk amusement park and arcade attractions from Amusement Warehouse. Maybe the supply chain runs deeper than that (and it probably does,) but that’s all I was able to gather.

It’s safe to say, though, that somebody got a little too loosey-goosey in which sound banks they pulled from, which resulted in this strange little curio. Either that, or somebody who makes kiddie prize games is just a really big Final Fantasy fan – just like the Genshin Impact composers!

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