Breath Of The Wild 2’s Real Name Is Being Kept Super Secret To Avoid Spoilers

Nintendo has revealed Breath of the Wild 2 does have a name, it just can’t reveal it without giving away certain plot points.

Every time Nintendo announces an upcoming Direct, there are certain expectations. The reveal of a new Smash character, and more recently, the admission that Nintendo is indeed working on a more powerful Switch. Plus, for the past two years, something, anything pertaining to information regarding the announced Breath of the Wild sequel.

Finally, during Nintendo’s E3 Direct, Zelda fans were given some additional information. Nintendo acknowledged that it has said nothing since the sequel was confirmed to be in development two years ago, adding that it is aiming for a 2022 release date. What should also be noted is the lack of a name for the game. Fans continue to refer to it as Breath of the Wild 2, for obvious reasons.

Nintendo won’t even call it that, and keeps calling it “the sequel to Breath of the Wild”. Nintendo of America’s senior product marketing manager Bill Trinen has since revealed to IGN that neither of those is the sequel’s official name. Trinen explains that if Breath of the Wild 2’s real name were to be revealed at this time, it would give away plot points regarding the direction in which the game will go.

“Obviously, Zelda names are kind of important. Those subtitles, they start to give little bits of hints about maybe what’s going to happen,” Trinen quite rightly points out. Legend of Zelda games very rarely feature a number, so it stands to reason the next installment isn’t going to be called Breath of the Wild 2. Plus, even when a Zelda title does feature a number, it also has a subtitle.

Other details regarding what people can expect from Breath of the Wild 2 were few and far between. Other than its world being expanded to include the skies above Hyrule, not much in the way of new information was divulged. It should also be noted that Nintendo said it is aiming for a 2022 release date. Not only does that mean it could arrive at any point during that year, but it also has its bases covered should it want to push the release date into 2023.

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