Breath Of The Wild’s ‘Second Wind’ Mod Will Be "A Large-Scale Story Expansion"

Until Nintendo decides to reveal more Breath of the Wild 2 footage, fans have been extending the hit 2017 action-adventure themselves. Second Wind is one of the latest mods in development, and its scale is designed to feel like an expansion.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild stands as an exemplary game with top-tier exploration mechanics. Its map is vast, with many collectibles and Koroks to discover, but after completing the main story, some people sought new material to breathe new life into its solid foundation. This is generally where mods take video games to another level, by pushing the boundaries of what the developer intended and providing more content for veterans.

Helmed by CEObrainz, Second Wind has been described as “a large-scale story expansion” by its development team, and its breakdown lists substantial new content to be explored. The mod will be split into two, jam-packed parts titled The Ancient Trials and The Ancient Island. Specifications for the second part are yet to be confirmed, but this first part will introduce eight, new areas – including Ordon Village – and 15 sidequests. Additional survival mechanics will also be available, such as crafting blacksmiths, quiver altercations, as well as more horses.

Breath of the Wild’s Wii U release was able to run on the Cemu emulator, which triggered a surge of mods that brought unlikely characters, items, and mechanics to Hyrule. Geralt of Rivia made an appearance, the game could be played in first-person, and one mod allowed Link to roam Hyrule whilst wielding a machine gun. The creativity within mods is limitless, and Second Wind promises to reunite fans with the game who previously lost interest – hence the title.

Second Wind is currently in development, sitting at around 60% completion, while the mod’s Switch port is at 1%. The recent entry into the Zelda franchise, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, has paved the way for new releases – we’re looking at you Breath of the Wild 2. Until further news breaks, we’ve explained how Age of Calamity could aid Breath of the Wild 2’s narrative, within the franchise’s labyrinth timeline.

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